June 13, 2024

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Prosecutors say Sarah Evert of London was the victim of a “false arrest” before she was killed

The London police officer who confessed to the murder of Sarah Everett, the British were saddened by his disappearance. “False arrest“, On the pretext of a prison violation to kidnap her, the prosecutor said Wednesday (September 29).

Wayne Cousins, 48, a London police officer in charge of protecting diplomatic representations, pleaded guilty in March to kidnapping, rape and murder. .

A “false arrest”

The married man with two children appeared in Old Bailey Criminal Court in London for the first two days of his sentence, after which his sentence will be handed down. Attorney Tom Little Cousins ​​explained a “conduct”False arrestThe young woman was abducted on March 3 after leaving a friend’s house in Clapham, south of the capital.

A police officer on patrol to enforce the rules against Govt-19 showed her business card and handcuffed her. A couple passing by in the car saw the scene, with passenger Wayne Cousins ​​handcuffing Sarah Evert and noticing what she was imagining.Something must have gone wrong. ⁇In fact, they saw Sarah Evert being abducted2, the lawyer announced.

She was strangled to death seven days after she went missing in a tree in Kent (southeastern England) a few meters from land owned by Sarah Everett Wayne Cousins. CCTV footage helped investigators identify and arrest the officer in the Kent Deal on March 9th.

Sarah “did not return home”

I was angry that he played as a cop to get what he wanted“The victim’s mother, Susan Evard, was outraged at the trial.”Hunted by horror“Sarah.”A hunter – did not return home because you were relaxedன்ற said his sister Katie, who tried in vain to catch the accused’s gaze. “My only hope is she was shocked and did not know about the disgusting things a monster would do to her», She added before crying.

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The death of Sarah Everett caused great emotion in the country. Thousands of women shared their sense of insecurity on social media, calling on politicians to act against violence against women. Protesters gathered outside the courthouse on Wednesday morning and waved bannersThere is blood on the hands of the police“Or”We will not be silent.

According to attorney Tom Little, this is the case. “UnprecedentedThe life sentence for Wayne Cousins ​​could be justified. The former police officer, whose sentence is due to be announced Thursday, has already been targeted several times by reports of indecent assault.

The IOPC is investigating whether the London Police responded appropriately to two reports in February. A similar report in 2015 calls for an investigation into the misconduct of Kent Police.