May 21, 2024

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The former Nazi camp secretary, who escaped before the trial, was found

Before opening his trial this Thursday In Germany, Former secretary of a concentration camp
Nazi, Now 96, ran, found a few hours later, caused chaos in court, where she had to respond to the problem
Murder In more than 10,000 cases.

“I can say that the accused has been found (…) a doctor will detain her ability and the court will decide whether she can fulfill the arrest warrant or whether she can escape,” Frederick Millhofer, of Itzeho Court, said in an incredible morning conclusion. Dominique Gross, head of the city’s court in northern Germany, said Irmk்ட்rt Fச்rzner’s trial could not begin this Thursday and was adjourned until October 19.

“The accused is on the run (…) an arrest warrant has been issued”, the court chairman calmly announced about twenty minutes after the trial began this Thursday. Itzeho, in northern Germany.

The first woman to be prosecuted for Nazi acts

“She (for the elderly) left her home this morning. She took a taxi,” Itzeho court spokeswoman Frederick Milhofer said. All the staff of the Nazi camps, who had been sentenced to ten years in prison, were sitting in the accused’s box.

Due to the planned presence of more than 130 journalists and several civil parties, the Itseho Magistrate’s Court was moved to a building in a warehouse area outside the city. The only woman involved in Nazism who had been on trial in Germany for decades, Irmkard Fச்rzner did not speak out about the charges against her before the trial began.

The latter, if finally opened, a week later, a century later, followed by, Sachsenhausen is a former guard of the Nazi camp, Near Berlin. Germany has not long been interested in finding its war criminals, and has never before tried such aging ex-Nazis. On the eve of the 75th anniversary of the death penalty, the Nuremberg tribunal of 12 key leaders of the Third Reich was hanged. Irmkard Fச்rzner, who lives in a nursing home near Hamburg, is being tried by a special court for “complicity in murder in more than 10,000 cases.”

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“Execution and Deportation Orders”

The government accused him of participating in the massacre of prisoners at the Stuttof concentration camp in present-day Poland, where he served as typist and secretary of camp commander Paul Werner Hope between June 1943 and April 1945. Near the city of Gdansk, where 65,000 people were killed, “Jewish prisoners, Polish partisans and Soviet prisoners of war” were deliberately killed.

“He kept all the letters from the camp commander,” according to lawyer Christophe Raquel, who has represented the Holocaust survivors for years. “He typed in execution and deportation orders and pasted his initials,” he told the regional public channel NDR. At the end of a lengthy procedure, it was assessed by a judge in February. The hearings will last until June 2022, with only a few hours a day for the hearings.

Former Nazi criminals still want it

Seventy-six years after the end of World War II, German justice is still searching for former Nazi criminals who are still alive. The Central Office for the Clarification of National Socialist Offenses says that eight cases involving former employees of the Buchenwald and Ravensbrook camps in particular are currently being investigated by various German lawyers. In recent years, many cases have had to be dropped due to the death of suspects or the inability to bring them to trial.

Although Germany has condemned four former guards or accountants of the Nazi camps of Sophie, Auschwitz and Stuttof over the past decade, historians say it has condemned some women involved in Nazi machines. According to historians, about 4,000 women served as guards in concentration camps. But after the war some tried. The justice of the law, which sentenced John Demjanjuk to five years in prison in 2011 for guarding the Sophie camp in 1943, now applies to the deputy accountant of any sub-camp in the Security Council as he was complicit in tens of thousands of murders.

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