June 21, 2024

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Russia calls on the Taliban to hold international talks on October 20

At the initiative of Russia, international negotiations Afghanistan It will take place on October 20 in Moscow. Among the guests: China, Iran, Pakistan, India will form with
Russia “Moscow form in Afghanistan” … but a call will also be sent to the Taliban regime, Russian Ambassador Jameer Kapulov said on Thursday. However, he did not specify which of Afghanistan’s new leaders, who captured the country in August after US forces withdrew, would be invited to the talks.

This international conference, agenda or status of the delegation is not detailed, will take place after the extraordinary G20 summit Important humanitarian situation in Afghanistan Oct. 12. Jameer Kapulov said on Thursday that Russia was working on concrete means to send humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, adding that “material” was being collected for the ship.

The Kremlin made compromises with the Taliban after coming to power

The Taliban, an Islamic movement, captured the Afghan capital, Kabul, in August, and the government collapsed with the support of Western nations. Twenty years after being ousted from power by the United States, the Taliban have made a spectacular comeback, posing a series of challenges – especially security – to neighboring countries and beyond.

Russia is deeply concerned about the situation in Afghanistan, which was occupied by Soviet forces for ten years until their withdrawal in 1989 after the bloody war. Moscow considers the Taliban movement a terrorist organization, but has been conversing with it for years. Has been compromised since the Kremlin took over, We will not allow “terrorist” organizations to establish themselves, they should not attack their neighbors, especially Central Asian countries should not ally with Russia, because of their promises to stop the smuggling of heroin and opium.

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However, Russia carried out joint military maneuvers with its allied forces in Central Asia over the summer, worrying about instability on their borders. Jameer Kapulov added that the UN Security Council had called for an end to the Taliban. Russia is not in a hurry to lift sanctions.