February 27, 2024

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Sadness and anger in Israel after three hostages die in Gaza

Sadness and anger in Israel after three hostages die in Gaza

In Israel, the announcement of the deaths of three hostages “accidentally” killed by the Israeli army in Gaza caused a wave of emotion and anger. On Saturday evening, several thousand people gathered in front of the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv.


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Demonstrators demand negotiations to release hostages in Tel Aviv (Israel) on December 16, 2023 (ILIA YEFIMOVICH / DPA)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has offered condolences after three hostages were killed by Israeli forces in Gaza. “Unbearable Sadness” And the Army spokesperson declared that he was responsible for this mistake. During a new rally in Tel Aviv on Saturday, December 16, thousands of Israelis demanded to find an agreement on the hostages. Itai, 25, megaphone in hand, says the government is solely responsible for freeing the hostages: “Freeing prisoners is the first national priority, and that’s in the hands of the government. It’s a question of priorities. You have to pay the price that goes with it, but today, nothing is more important.”

Thousands of Israelis came to express their pain, anger and frustration. The three hostages mistakenly killed by the Israeli army were named as Yotham, Alon and Samar and managed to escape from their captors, the Israeli military said. Identified as a threat, they were shot dead by soldiers. ‚ÄúThis demonstrates the extent to which fighting puts hostages at riskItay continues. We can’t continue to think that everything is going to be okay, that hostages are in real danger every day, every week.”

Ruby Chen has no news of her 19-year-old son, who was abducted on October 7 from the Nahal Oz military base on the border with Gaza. “The Israeli government must be proactive and put an offer on the table, including the release of Palestinian prisoners with blood on their hands. He believes. They have to put their best option on the table to bring the hostages back alive ! living !”

“We don’t want to find them in body bags. We have to act now. We don’t have time.”

Ruby Sen, the hostage’s father

At franceinfo

The families are demanding more transparency from the Israeli war cabinet, making the military strategy crystal clear: the military’s actions did not make it possible to release the hostages alive.

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