July 22, 2024

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Scientists are already warning of a “6th wave in January”

Scientists are already warning of a “6th wave in January”

Scientists say the 6th wave of Covit-19 pollution will last from January to March due to the rapid rotation of the Omigron variant.

The fifth wave of Govt-19 is not over yet, as some are already anticipating the sixth wave. Martin Hirsch, Assistant Director General of General Hospitals – Paris Hospitals (AP-HP), explained on Monday morning RTL The fifth wave should reach its peak between Christmas and New Year. But “we did not say a word about the sixth wave. With Omicron, It will come later, in January, ”he said.

He condemned the attitude of the people towards the exhausted caregivers in the hospitals. “We are well aware of the fact that we are trying to defend the fact that we are meeting as a family, but on the other hand, it is not worth going to Bombay everywhere,” he warns. It’s for the working people, the support of the population, they need to feel it, ”said Martin Hirsch.

Until March?

The same goes for epidemiologist Benjamin Davidov, who worries about the contagion of the Omigron variant. “The peak will happen, but it will not happen overnight, it will take time, there may be a small plateau. Also, the fear of all doctors is that the fifth wave will set the stage for the sixth wave as the winter will last until March. Remember we wiped it out, ”he explained. BFMTV.

Epidemiologist Antoine Floholt also warned about the speed of distribution of Omigran. “Some of the news coming from the front is not good, its spread is dazzling, creating fears that a new wave will form very strongly after the 5th wave,” he wrote on Twitter. “Yes, we are afraid of this 6th wave and what we see in the UK is worrying,” said archaeologist Pascal Krabi. BFMTV. The UK Where Denmark Despite the high vaccination rate, Omicron is facing strong improvements.

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