April 19, 2024

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Self-examination, masks and ventilation … Recommendations of the Science Council for year-end celebrations

Merry Christmas – Faced with the growing risk of the Fifth Wave and the Omigran variant, the Science Council has released recommendations to prevent family reunions from putting the most vulnerable at risk.

“The most effective gesture” To best protect participants at a party, it is screened, according to the Science Council. Concerned about the spread of the corona virus over the holidays, experts sent a list of steps to be taken to the government on December 8, fearing that family gatherings would not become the “clusters” of the highly contagious form of Omigran. Today.

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France affected by the fifth wave of Govt-19

Sixteen members of the Scientific Council associated with this idea, including their chairman Jean-Fran்கois Delphrasi, first stressed this fact. “France was very respectful of security measures last year”, During pre-Christmas and New Year celebrations, these family gatherings frighten young and old, working people and retirees, especially while the “fifth wave” of the epidemic is still going on, and the Omicron variant is spreading at a very dangerous level. Ratio.

Find, hide, ventilate

According to the Scientific Council, the key word “Screen” : Outrage “A Complete Vaccine Schedule”, Strongly recommended to participants, it will be “The most effective gesture”. Experts specifically call “The youngest and most socially active should be screened on the same day by self-examination or by an antigen test, the day or the day before the event.”. Keep in mind that a self-examination costs around 5 euros, and the council recommends that it be made available to event organizers and guests.

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The “Very weak people” They are also called upon to protect themselves by using an FFP2 type mask. “soon”. The organization of the parties is in the view of the Council, and the places where they take place require ventilation, “At least 10 minutes to an hour”, Too “Permanently if possible”. Here, too, experts encourage organizers to use a CO2 sensor – which makes it possible to react when the air is saturated.

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While the Council of Science emphasizes the need to fight the current epidemic, mainly due to delta variation, it emphasizes the emergence of the Omigron variant, and recalls that emerging variations have often been aided by superior parties. “Occurrence of large clusters at the onset of infection”, Board Members Explain, “It plays a key role in the spread of the epidemic, and it can waste valuable weekly products for the epidemic”.

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