July 22, 2024

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For British health officials, Omigron should be in charge “within 48 hours”.

For British health officials, Omigron should be in charge “within 48 hours”.

Faced with this acceleration of cases, British health officials have decided to step up their vaccination campaign.

The “wave wave” announced by Boris Johnson is ongoing. On Monday, Secretary of State for Health and Social Security Sajid Javed announced that the pollution of the Omigron variant of Govit-19 would “significantly increase” across the channel, while the UK Healthcare Agency now confirms this. Samples, the number of daily Govt infections is estimated at 200,000.

“The UK has an Omigron account for more than 20% of cases, which we have already seen to be over 44% in London, and we expect it to become the dominant variant of Govt 19 in the capital in the next 48 hours,” he concluded. In the comments taken, before the House of Commons on Thursday The Independent.

Officially, to date, 4,713 cases of omigran variation have been detected in British territory, according to British media. The United Kingdom was the first country on Monday to officially announce the death of Omigron.

“Separate” spread

Last Sunday, the alert level was raised from three to four, indicating that “exchange is high” and that pressure on health services is “significant or increasing”.

“Early evidence suggests that Omigron is spreading much faster than Delta, and that vaccine protection against symptomatic diseases of Omigron has been reduced,” health officials in the UK, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland said in a joint statement.

To prevent the “wonderful” spread of the Omigran variant, people in Britain have been encouraged to work from home again since Monday as the government competed over time to provide a maximum of a third vaccine before the end of the season. .

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The mission promises to be the Titanic. The proliferation of vaccination centers, extended hours, military retention: The withdrawal campaign will double the number of third-dose doses given to about a million a day, an unprecedented level in the country, Sajid Javed still underlined on Sky News.