May 21, 2024

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Several people were injured in a church in Australia

Several people were injured in a church in Australia

The Australian city of Sydney witnessed another stabbing incident on Monday, two days after a man stabbed six people to death in a crowded mall before being shot by a police officer.

The New South Wales Police Force said Update on X It responded to a call from a church in Wackley, a western Sydney suburb, at 7.10pm local time (5.39am ET) on Monday, where there were reports of “a number of people being stabbed”.

A video widely circulated on social media appears to show a priest being stabbed repeatedly, while giving a sermon, by a man wearing a black T-shirt, and then being tackled by members of the congregation. The church routinely broadcasts its services and events.

The police said that the accident occurred on Welcome Street, where the Church of Christ the Good Shepherd, affiliated with the Assyrian Orthodox Christian Church, is located.

The church announced the “Preaching the Assyrian Bible” event on Monday evening, with its bishop, Mar Mary Emmanuel, who picture It matches the image of the man who was stabbed in the video.

Police said none of the injuries were life-threatening, and the victims were being treated by paramedics.

The statement added that a man was arrested who was “assisting the police in investigations.”

Police said at 10 p.m. (8 a.m. ET) that they were still at the scene and urged people to avoid the area.

This comes after the attack on Saturday at the Westfield Bondi shopping centre, which also left nine people injured.

Police said earlier Monday they were investigating why the lone attacker in that attack targeted women while avoiding men, and the killer's father blamed his son's frustration at not having a girlfriend.

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