April 19, 2024

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Spain – Drugs were brought in by drone from Morocco

Several people were arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of drug trafficking between the Spanish provinces of Ciota and Morocco. By drones, the drug was smuggled within a quarter of an hour.

The Spanish police had been working on this file for several months. This Wednesday, November 3, several Iberian media outlets reported that authorities had arrested several people allegedly involved in drug trafficking by drone between Morocco and the Ciota region of Spain.

In 10 to 15 minutes, the drones made unmanned flights from Chyota to Morocco, during which they could carry 25 kilograms of benzodiazepine tablets. In the other direction (from Morocco to the Spanish enclave), cannabis and other narcotics are said to have been transported in the same way.

The exact number of suspects arrested is unknown. They will be part of a group that belongs to a larger organization, weakened by the death of its leader and shot dead last December. An event that caused “Structure and role change within the network”, Spanish media report.

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