May 27, 2024

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Steve Bannon, who is close to Trump, has been accused of refusing to testify in Congress

The 67-year-old former adviser was one of the architects of Donald Trump’s successful 2016 presidential campaign.

Steve Bannon, a close ally of former President Donald Trump, has been charged.Contempt of CongressThe U.S. Department of Justice announced Friday, November 12, that he had refused to take part in the January 6 attack on Capitol.

The 67-year-old former adviser, one of the architects of Donald Trump’s successful presidential campaign in 2016, is being prosecuted for refusing to testify and sending documents to a special parliamentary committee investigating the attack. In the seat of Congress.

The struggle for justice

Despite his summons in mid-October, Steve Bannon did not appear before elected officials, demanding the president’s right to keep certain documents and discussions secret. But according to the commission, this protection does not apply because Trump is no longer president and has not officially confirmed this privilege of administration.

Steve Bonan was one of the designers of the successful Republican presidential campaign in 2016. The Commission of Inquiry said he did not hold any official event on January 6, but appeared to have discussed the struggle with the president in the previous days. He faces up to 30 days to a year in prison for each charge and will be tried in federal court. But the legal battle can take months or years, undermining the investigation.

Another man close to Donald Trump, his former chief executive Mark Meadows, dismissed a sapona on Friday for appearing before the Democratic Inquiry Commission. He implemented the court ruling, which was announced on Thursday, suspending the sending of internal documents from the White House to the Commission until November 30. The former president has demanded the right of the executive to keep certain information confidential. The Commission of Inquiry responded in a statement that US President Joe Biden had already authorized the release of the documents and therefore Mark Meadows had to testify, warning the former chief executive of a possible charge and insulting Congress.

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