March 4, 2024

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Stop blowing vent fumes

Stop blowing vent fumes

picture: Valve / Kotaku / Vizkiss (Stock struggle)

Valve has a message for all the people (including me) who like to blow Steam surface Exhaust Fumes: Stop it. please.

Have you ever taken a break from gaming on your Steam Deck to savor the complex aromas emanating from the exhaust vent? If so, you are not alone. Since the launch of the laptop, Many owners Owns They reported that they could not stop inhaling the fumes that launches from the Steam Deck during gameplay. It’s become something of a meme among Steam Deck owners, with people often posting online how much they enjoy the distinct scent. I’m one of those patients, I put my nose right above the exhaust and inhale a big whiff every time I play. But finally someone asked Valve about this, and it turns out the company wants you all to stop.

On December 12, Reddit user Metapod100 shared a screenshot It shows them asking Steam Support if it is “safe to inhale exhaust fumes” from the top vent on the Steam Deck. The user noted that people enjoying the scent has become “kind of a meme” and admitted that many people really like doing it.

The screenshot shows the message sent by Valve when asked about Steam Deck slots.

Valve’s response had the same reaction as a school teacher gently (but firmly) asking children to stop eating the toothpaste.

“As with all electronic devices, breathing exhaust fumes on your device is generally not recommended,” the Steam Support website said. “Although there are no safety concerns with general use, direct inhalation of vapors from the vent of the device should be avoided.”

Valve’s support team added that while they “understand” that it has become a meme, they still want Steam Deck owners to “refrain from this behavior for the sake of your health.”

This is a completely logical and fair answer. But I’ll ignore that. I can’t help him. I smell the hot (almost fruity) plastic that I smell Steam surface Spitting after warming up is a habit I can’t get rid of. I like it very much. I’m sorry Valve. Please do not be mad. (And please also light up a Steam Deck scented candle afterwards Christmas!)


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