June 25, 2024

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“Support”, “Extremely serious”, “Logical” … Reactions after Poland’s decision to challenge the priority of European law

The current conflict between Poland and the European Union (EU) is causing a reaction as far as France. From National Rally (RN) candidate Marine Le Pen to former Minister of Product Recovery Socialist Arnaud Montburg, through radical conservative eric Jemmore, many candidates – either declared or POT – will run in the presidential election after Friday, October 8. The highest Polish court ruled on Thursday against the rule of European social law.

The Polish Constitutional Court declared that some articles of the EU treaty “Incompatible” Undermining the Polish constitution and the sovereignty of the country. This historic decision is the latest twist in the long conflict between Poland and the EU over controversial judicial reforms introduced by the ruling Nationalist Conservative Party law and justice (PiS), which may threaten EU funding for Poland. .

According to Montburg, “an important event”

Marine Le Pen picked her up on Friday “Support” For Poland, it challenges the priority of European law over its national law, a policy it would like to include in the constitution if the French presidential candidate approaches Elysee Palace. “By asserting the priority of its constitutional law over European law, Poland is exercising its legal and inalienable right to sovereignty.”, Assesses the candidate of the National Assembly in a press release.

By the act of the judges, Karlsruhe is in no way different from the practice of the court [tribunal constitutionnel allemand]As for Germany, Poland tested the European Union by establishing a Jacobite dictatorship, and every people has the right to define its laws.

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The candidate, who left the EU and the euro in 2017, wants to add the priority of national law to European or international law in the French constitution, which means there will be no unconstitutional agreement “Does not apply”According to the immigration bill he recently introduced.

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Former Minister of Production Recovery and Presidential candidateSocialist Arnaud Montborg welcomed the decision of the Polish Constitutional Court. “The return of French sovereignty will transcend the superiority of French law over European decisions”, He wrote on Twitter.

Poland’s assertion of its national sovereignty by law is an important event. France, which does not share the same political orientation as Poland, must make the same commitment to the superiority of its laws over European decisions.

“Permanent intrusions by the European Commission into our choices are unacceptable”, Can we read too In his press release, In which he condemns “The systematic destruction of our national public services Brussels, the explosion of energy prices or the unacceptable organization of the home social shed by a published labor order”, According to him, symbols of many “Loss of Sovereignty”.

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“Attack on the EU” for Clement Beyonc

Far-right rhetorician Eric Zemmor, who has not yet declared himself a presidential candidate, issued a statement Friday morning. “It is time to restore French law to its original position rather than European law.” And posted on the social network Twitter. “The European Commission is leading a violent legal crackdown on people who reject its ideological line. It is urgent that France join the freedom struggle with these countries.”, He writes.

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To LR Deputy Julian Abbott, Poland’s decision “Logic”. She “Behind the backs of the Mitrant and the people comes the transformation of the EU object into a federal super state from the cooperation of the nation-states.” Scored Want to get back to its original business? “, He asks Friday On Twitter.

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For its part, the French government, through its French Foreign Minister Clement Peon, for its European affairs, Condemnation a “Attack on the EU” As he qualified “Very serious” From Poland. “This is not a technical lesson or a legal lesson. It is a great political subject, it is part of a long list of provocations against the EU., He rated on RMC and BFM-TV. The danger is that Poland will leave the European Union. “

“Rather than the poles asserting their sovereignty, Clement Peon threatens financial sanctions., Reacted immediately On Twitter Said the sovereign candidate of the Elysee Nicholas Dupont-Icon “Bravo to the Poles”.

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