April 19, 2024

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Taylor Swift Vault track titles in “1989 (Taylor Version)”

Taylor Swift Vault track titles in “1989 (Taylor Version)”

Taylor Swift, ever the enigma, challenged her fans to an internet scavenger hunt this week — and it looks like the mission was accomplished.

After assigning her army of Swifties to a race to crack dozens upon dozens of word clues on Google, and in return promising to reveal the basement tracks on her upcoming re-recording of “1989,” the pop star has made it happen.

On September 20, Swift dropped titles for four of her five promised tracks:

  1. “Is it over now?”
  2. “Now that we don’t talk”
  3. “Say no go”
  4. “Suburban Legends”

However, the title of the fifth vault track remains an unsolved clue – and it appears to be the same one she teased in another clip earlier in the week.

On September 19, SWIFT She released a video on Instagram It shows a vault that appears to be floating in the sky surrounded by birds. From the bunker fly the letters and the symbol “TS-!-UL” along with a single set of quotes.

“You can tell me when the *search* is over…if the high is worth the pain,” she captioned the post, which is a play on lyrics from her song “Blank Space.”

Fans immediately took to social media to discuss the meaning of the word, with many thinking it was “slut!” or “Lust!”

“I’m sure it’s ‘punk!’” It makes more sense with the apostrophes and exclamation mark, as well as the narrative people had about her at the time. Reddit books.

“It’s almost certainly LUST!”, but I’d give anything for a song called “SLUT!” “Someone else.” Comment.

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“If it didn’t have the quotation marks and exclamation mark, I’d say lust,” someone else said He responded. “With these: one hundred percent ‘slut!'”

Vault tracks — also known as songs Swift left on the cutting room floor when the album was originally released — have appeared on every re-recording Swift has dropped to date.

Need some catch-up on the entire “1989” basement track project? Read all about it below.

How Google takes all this into account*

Google launched Campaign with SWIFT on September 19 for fans eager to know what the “TS-!-UL” unscramble means.

If a user searches for “Taylor Swift” in the Google search bar, the search engine will show a blue vault. Fans can click on them to solve one of the word puzzles. There are 89 puzzles to solve in total. If fans can solve a total of 33 million puzzles (Swift is 33), she will reveal the titles of upcoming songs.

“Are you dying to see how this ends? We promise the wait won’t last forever, but the reward is definitely worth the pain. ‘Cause, baby, we’re Swifties dressed like a search engine.”

However, two TODAY.com editors tried to do so but were not presented with a blue vault. Social media users also began complaining on the platforms about not being able to see the vault, while #WheresTheVault began trending on X, the platform officially known as Twitter, on the afternoon of September 19.

TODAY.com reached out to Google to find out why the vault wasn’t showing up for some but did not hear back by press time. However, the search engine tweeted late September 19 that “the vault is jammed.”

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“Swifties, the basement is crowded!” Read the tweet. “But don’t worry, there are no empty spaces inside. We are in the age of reform and will be out of the woods soon.”

The last time Taylor Swift teased new tracks like this

This isn’t the first time Swift has teased her followers with the mystery before revealing the “from the vault” tracks. On August 5, 2021, she shared a similar video containing another puzzle for her album “Red (Taylor’s Version)”.

While performing at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, Swift announced on August 9 that her next re-recorded album would be “1989”, which she released in October 2014.

And at that time too subscriber She told social media that this was her “favorite” re-recording and that there would be five songs from the vault.

“1989 has changed my life in countless ways, and I’m thrilled to announce that my copy of it will be released on October 27,” she posted. “To be completely honest, this is my most favorite re-recording ever because the five tracks from The Vault are so crazy. I can’t believe they were left behind at all. But not for long!”

Swift re-recorded and released her first six albums after Big Machine Records sold the master albums in 2019 to Scooter Braun, who later sold them to a private equity firm. Swift has been vocal about her disagreement with the sale, and announced that she would re-record all the albums she initially made with Big Machine.