March 4, 2024

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The Colombian nun was released after four years in jihadist prison

Gloria Cecilia Nervous is free. The Colombian Franciscan nun, who was abducted in 2017 by jihadists in Mali, was released on Saturday, October 9, when the Malian presidency was announced. Hello “Sister’s Courage and Courage”, Pamako mentions that this is a happy ending “4 years and 8 months of integrated efforts of several intelligence services”.

Gloria Cecilia Nervous was abducted on February 7, 2017 near Kotiala, 400 km east of Bamako. He then served as a missionary for six years in the church of Carangaso, along with three other nuns. He was founded in 1893 and is part of the Franciscan Mary Immaculate Conception of Swiss descent in 17 countries.

According to one of her colleagues, Sister Gloria Cecilia Navares voluntarily surrendered to her captors when she was about to abduct two young nuns. “I am high, take me”, She said, according to this colleague.

After confirming the release of the former release brother, he said he was moved. “Thanks, she’s healthy. They sent me pictures. She’s fine.” Edgar Nervous reacted. Stimulating “Month mobilization” Underlined by his government, Colombian Foreign Minister Marta Lucia Ramares “Humanitarian Efforts of the French Government to Contribute to This Success”.

In a letter to her brother last July, Gloria explained that Norway had arrested her “GSIM Team”, A support group for Islam and Muslims, affiliated with Al Qaeda. As a reminder, French journalist Olivier Dubois was abducted by al-Qaeda-linked jihadists in northern Mali in early April.