June 23, 2024

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Maddie McCain’s death: Key suspect “100% guilty”, German justice charges him by the end of the year

Madeleine McCann disappeared while on holiday with her parents in Portugal in 2007, just days before her four-year birthday. Even after 14 years, the little girl’s traces are still there. But German justice confirmed that she had been kidnapped, abducted and the killer arrested.

They have no body, no DNA, but German investigators believe they have found the killer Maddie McCann. This is basically what it emphasizes Hans Christian Walters, Attorney General of the case, in an exclusive interview Glass. For him, Christian Bruckner, 44 years old, imprisoned for others Sexual offenses, Convicted of kidnapping, kidnapping, and murdering little model McCain Vacancies in Priya da Loos Portugal With his parents in 2007.

German Alcatraz

Hans Christian Walters hopes to convict him by the end of this year and close the case by the end of next year. “It is very possible that we will convict him. We have the evidence now.”, Creates the lawyer. “But this is not just blaming him. We will investigate until we look for clues (…) to track him down with the best evidence possible..

Christian Bruckner is currently in solitary confinementOldenburg For sexual offenses. The nickname is none other than a prisonAlcatross German.

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