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The Epic Games Store is coming to Android

The Epic Games Store is coming to Android

With plans to launch its own game store on iOS, it has now been announced that the Epic Games Store is coming to Android.

raised in a Posted on Twitter/XThe Epic Games Store is “coming to iOS and Android.” The store is said to be a “true multi-platform store.” The Epic Games Store on PC distributes games mostly on Windows, as an alternative to Valve's Steam.

What's so special about the Epic Games Store on Android? epic says:

The same fair conditions, available to all developers, in a true cross-platform store – with amazing games for everyone.

epic He explains further That these “same fair terms” means Epic will offer the same revenue split on Android as it does on PC.

Developers will keep 88% of the revenue generated by their game, with Epic taking a 12% cut. This is much lower than Google's share of the Play Store, which is 30%. However, in 2021, Google announced that developers will only pay a 15% cut on the first $1 million in revenue. In the same year, Android 12 made third-party app stores more functional.

Finally, we shared more about our plans to bring the Epic Games Store (EGS) to mobile later this year. EGS will become the first multi-platform store focused on games, and will operate across Android, iOS, PC and macOS. Mobile developers will benefit from the same fair terms as EGS for PC: 88/12 revenue share and the same software you can leverage to keep 100% of revenue using your own payments for in-app purchases, Epic first runAnd Now onto the epic. More on this soon!

At the moment, there is no information on what games will be populated in the Epic Games Store on Android. That is, in addition to the game Fortnite, which has been distributed through the “Epic Games Launcher” since 2019. This was originally supposed to turn into a full launch of the store on the platform, an effort that was clearly abandoned.

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The final look of the Epic Games Store on Android is also unknown, as the above image shared by the company is “concept only.”

As for the timeline, Epic says the store is scheduled to arrive “later this year.”

On iOS, Epic's plans have been a bit of a roller coaster Apple reinstated the company's account almost Before apparently ending it via tweetJust one more time Return it after a few days.

More on Android:

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