May 27, 2024

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The European Union has re-imposed restrictions on American travelers

As part of the fight against the Covit-19 epidemic, EU member states have decided to re-impose restrictions on non-essential travel to its territory, following a recommendation issued on Monday, August 30.

Six countries are concerned: the United States, Israel, Kosovo, Montenegro, Lebanon and northern Macedonia. But member states have retained the possibility of lifting these restrictions for those who have been fully vaccinated, the European Commission said in a statement. Connected.

Prior to the Council of Europe’s decision, several member states, including Germany and Belgium, had already put the United States on a “red” list, requiring drug trials and isolation periods for travelers from the country. But other states like France or the Netherlands are safe for them. The EU’s “green” list now includes 17 countries, including Canada, Japan and New Zealand.

The Union allows the arrival of fully vaccinated travelers from countries outside its territory.

Meanwhile, the United States is still barring EU citizens from entering its territory freely, despite calls from the Social Alliance. Absence of mutual measures separating Europeans. Tourist member states are concerned that US travel should not be restricted.

  • The United States is asking its people not to go to Switzerland

Without showing signs of opening, Washington is now advising Americans not to go to Switzerland, due to the health condition associated with Covit-19 in this country. In a statement on Monday, the State Department raised the warning level for Switzerland to 4, urging Americans. “Do not travel” In this country. Recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the leading healthcare organization in the United States. “Due to the current situation in Switzerland, even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk of contracting the spread of Covit-19.”, The company states.

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Like many European countries, Switzerland has seen a resurgence in the number of Covit-19 cases since the appearance of the delta variant, with 35,150 cases reported from August 16, according to the Swiss Public Health Office. As the number of Govt-19 cases increased, the United States already issued a similar notice to France on August 10.

  • Re-entry was postponed in several US states

The delta variability has led to a significant increase in pollution in the United States, especially in the southern states of the country, who are reluctant to take sanitary measures. Dozens of schools have postponed the start of this year’s school year.

On Sunday, Dr. Anthony Fassi, in charge of the fight against the Govt-19 epidemic in the United States, spoke out in support of compulsory vaccination for all children in school. Since the outbreak, the United States has been the worst hit country, with 637,523 people dead.

Le Monde with AFP, AP and Reuters