May 27, 2024

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The number of trials exploded in France last week

From November 15 to 21, 815,000 additional tests were checked in France. A massive increase, voices are calling for everyone to recover free taxes.

This is a massive increase, a sign of a resurgence of the epidemic in France. After the first increase Between November 8 and 14, the number of tests tested last week increased by about 15%, according to data from the Directorate of Research, Studies, Assessment and Statistics (TRIES) affiliated with the Ministry of Health. 2.9 million samples were taken, up from 2.1 million seven days ago.

The increase in these 815,000 trials represents a 39% increase in a week, driven first by the relapse and then by strong demand. “For those under 16 years of age», Notes The Trees. Part of this increase can be explained by the resumption of screening in schools, especially after the holidays. Testing is on the rise at all ages, though less noticeable in others.

The number of withdrawals registered in seven days has almost returned to the level seen at the end of the free service in mid-October. After several months of continuous decline from the summer, the 61% increase in two weeks is staggering. Another sign of this increased demand is that, with the exception of Sunday, the number of daily tests every day last week exceeded 400,000 again.

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This dynamic is not surprising, contagious Left in a “dazzling” way in France, According to a government spokesman. So much for the administrator To be delivered this Thursday, Eagerly anticipated actions to tackle this new wave. Many voices are calling for better monitoring of contaminants, for those who are sick to isolate themselves, and for all to re-enact free trials. This is especially the case with Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon, Marine Le Pen or Michael Bornier. A track that has so far been excluded by the administrator.

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For now, trials are free in most cases: more than 50 million French people have been fully vaccinated against goitre, and many special cases have been added to this number.