November 29, 2023

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The political class was inherited by the military junta in power

The political class was inherited by the military junta in power

With our correspondent in Libreville, Yves-Laurent Coma

Despite his very busy schedule, Gabonis took all his time to listen to the leaders of the political parties who made the trip. The meeting lasted four hours.

General Bryce Clodaire Oligui Nkuma was clear. The transition he is directing is an exceptional regime. Thus, he suggested, the function of political life must also become exceptional: in this period there is no high opposition, no high majorities.

Regarding the period of transition, a subject that has focused the interest of the political class, Oligui Nguema indicated that he will not make the decision alone. Political parties will be consulted. According to the first elements of language that came out of this meeting, a one-year or two-year transition is indicated.

This period allowed for the drawing up of texts and laws governing the republic. General Oligui Nkuma insisted that the transition would culminate in the organization of free and credible elections.

What do political parties think about these suggestions?

The reaction of Morena’s Vice President, Clay Martial Obam Akwe, is that he welcomes the initiatives initiated by the rulers.

It assures us that He gave us the responsibility to determine the time of the transition. They did not come to establish themselves in power, they came to settle a certain number of issues so that Gabon regains its dignity.

Clay Martial is Vice President of Obame Akwe, Morena

Sebastian Nemeth

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