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The scary way you can find out if your iPhone is being tracked, according to security experts

The scary way you can find out if your iPhone is being tracked, according to security experts

Is there anything more frightening than suspecting that someone is following your every move on your iPhone? It can be very easy to get Access someone’s iPhone And discover the places they go, the sites they browse – even what they buy. But stay aware of the signs you have Privacy has been violated It is the only way to make sure that you are as protected as possible. Technology expert Amy White, co-owner of Keyboard Kingstells us the scary way you can know if your iPhone is being tracked.

How do you know if your iPhone is being tracked?

There are several ways you can find out if you are being tracked on your iPhone. “First of all, if your phone has suspicious apps installed and you haven’t installed them yourself, that’s a clear indication,” White says. Additionally, browser history for websites you haven’t accessed is another easy way to find out if someone is tracking your phone.

Sometimes low battery life can be an indication of tracking, especially if it is related to any of the other methods we suggested. If calls experience a lot of interference unrelated to signal issues or background noise, this could indicate a phone is being tracked.”

It can be difficult to determine what is being tracked and what is the result of an outdated device, the white notes. “If your phone is receiving emails and text messages from unknown sources, there is a chance that spyware has been installed, and your phone is being tracked.”

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What can you do if you suspect that your phone is being tracked?

Well, now that you suspect your iPhone is being tracked, don’t panic — but be sure to take steps to correct the problem.

“If you think your phone might be tracked, the best thing you can do is tighten your security,” White says. “Many people are unaware of these settings on iPhone. First of all, I recommend putting your phone in Airplane mode and turning off Wi-Fi, this will prevent anyone who tracks the phone from being able to see your activity.

Once you do, you’ll want to change your privacy settings and disable location services and the access certain apps have to your location and personal details.. This will stop any location monitoring and keep you safe and your activity generally safe. “

And if you’re still concerned about tracking or hacking, White mentions talking to a professional, and possibly changing your number and device as a precaution.