April 16, 2024

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The seven-day event rate is a record in Germany

Via SudOuest.fr with AFP

While the vaccination rate in the country remains below 70%, authorities have recently called on people to get vaccinated.

The incidence rate measuring the number of new corona virus cases per 100,000 citizens in Germany reached 201.1 on Monday in the last seven days, a record since the outbreak began a year and a half ago.

The figures were released by the Robert Koch Institute for Public Health Surveillance (RKI). The last record was 197.6, which was broken on December 22, 2020. Although many more are now vaccinated, the vaccination rate is less than 70%. Authorities have called for mobilization in recent days.

“For those who are not vaccinated, they are at higher risk in the coming months,” RKI President Lothar Wheeler warned Wednesday.

In the state of Saxony (eastern), the infection rate is more than double the national average of 491.3, and those who are not vaccinated are subject to new restrictions on Monday. Access to indoor restaurants and indoor events is limited to individuals who have been fully vaccinated or who have shown evidence of recovery. Exemption will be given only to children and people who are unable to get vaccinated for medical reasons.

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