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The Super Smash Bros. creator doesn’t like it.  Masahiro Sakurai put the game online

The Super Smash Bros. creator doesn’t like it. Masahiro Sakurai put the game online

Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai said he did not feel the franchise was not suitable for online play.

in Sakurai Latest video about video game creation, talk about the topic of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Brawl for Nintendo Wii and how it was the first game in the franchise to implement online play.

Sakurai explained, “I don’t think online play and Smash Bros. are a great fit for each other. One of the best parts of Smash Bros. is how players can become champions among their friends. But being exposed to online competition can cause people to lose confidence, and that’s just not the case.” wonderful.”

He also noted how the game uses full simultaneous communication, where input timing is synchronized between all players on every frame. In comparison, games like Mario Kart used asynchronous communication. Having to use simultaneous connection in Brawl limits players to facing others close to them for the best possible experience.

This meant that online play was preferable by not only staying players in their countries, but also in their local area. Additionally, network lag resulted in an overall choppy experience.

Sakurai started his YouTube channel in August last year to talk about topics such as game development. As previously mentioned, there are no plans for a Super Smash Bros. sequel. Ultimate for now.

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