April 19, 2024

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The United States has expressed concern over the launch of a ‘hypersonic’ missile into Chinese space

According to the British daily “Financial Times”, China launched a missile from a hypersonic orbital glider last August.

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After the surprise, worry. The Financial times Revealed Saturday, October 16th In early August China tested a hypersonic glider, launched into space by a classic rocket, and then the missile orbited in low orbit, capable of orbiting several times the speed of sound. Although the test missed the 32-kilometer target, the British newspaper noted the technical prowess that surprised American services.

“Technology is the key”, Pierre Husky Analysis In his geopolitical editorial on France Inter on Monday 18 October. “Three years ago, China did the first test, in a matter of minutes.”.

These technological advances are worrying. Because a hypersonic glider with a nuclear weapon might help China “Cancel” U.S. missile defense systems designed to destroy incoming ballistic missiles, Chinese nuclear weapons policy expert Taylor Frowell told the Financial Times.

“Hypersonic vehicles … fly at low altitudes and can maneuver aircraft, making them difficult to track and destroy.”, Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. According to the expert, it will be “Disruption” China is fully developing and using such a weapon. He notes, however, that a test is not necessary as Beijing is using this capability.

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