May 18, 2024

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The WHO has called for a ban on booster doses until the end of September

L ‘World Health Organization (WHO) is asking for a ban on the booster dose of protest this Wednesday
Corona virus Until the end of September. The WHO leader believes it is desirable to make these doses available to countries where only a small portion of their population can be vaccinated.

“We need to turn things around urgently: from the vast majority of vaccines going to rich countries to poor countries,” Tetros Adonom Capreius said at a WHO press conference in Geneva in September, which will last until the end of the Interim Prohibition Day.

Priority to poor countries

In order to combat the epidemic associated with the delta variant, the company is promulgating a third dose of anti-Govt vaccine to its people soon after the announcements of several countries.

On Sunday, Germany announced He will give the third dose at the beginning of the school year Some of these citizens are vaccinated against Govt-19. The German ministry made this decision after the publication of the studies, showing that the immune response was reduced in some vulnerable populations, fully vaccinated.

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