June 21, 2024

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Jair Bolzano was targeted by the Supreme Court hearing

Jair Bolsanaro’s continuous and unproven attacks on the electoral system will be eliminated. A Brazilian Supreme Court judge on Wednesday, August 4, ordered an investigation into the Brazilian president for spreading false information.

Judge Alexandre Moraes made the decision at the request of the High Electoral Tribunal (DSE), which on Monday announced the opening of a hearing against the head of state. “Abuse of Political and Economic Power (…) Attack on Electronic Voting System and Legitimacy of 2022 Elections”.

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The magistrate clarified that the Supreme Court hearing will try to prove the far right leader guilty.“Condemnation of contempt, slander and libel”, Especially.

“The President used the mass media to enforce the illegal actions of members of the Supreme Court. [de fausses informations] In social networks, it harms the judiciary and affects its independence. “, Judge Moraes wrote in his judgment, which had access to the Agencies France-Press (AFP).

Receipt printing after electronic voting was rejected by the TSE

The investigation should be specifically linked to more than two hours of live broadcasts on Facebook, during which President Bolsanaro allegedly defrauded the electronic ballot box system that has been in place since last Thursday, 1996, without providing any evidence.

He was harshly critical of several Supreme Court justices, including Luis Roberto Barroso, the head of the TSE. Mr. Barroso had already been invited“Stupid” Mr Bolsanaro, in a speech last month, raised doubts about holding the 2022 presidential election. “We have clean elections in Brazil, or there will be no elections”, He threatened. On Tuesday, he raised his voice again, claiming he had done it“I will not accept intimidation”.

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Jair Bolsanaro does not support returning to a paper ballot, but printing receipts after each electronic ballot allows the vote to be recounted “In public places” In case of dispute

An action rejected by the DSE ensures that the current system is not affected by malpractices and that printing paper receipts can instead expose votes. “Risks of Past Manipulation”.

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