June 21, 2024

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These French decided to fight alongside the Ukrainian teams

They are preparing to take up arms to defend Ukraine against Russian invasion. In France, many say he decided to leave for Kiev on Monday, February 28, to fight with Vladimir Putin’s army, as ordered by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky. Some of these French people are currently preparing to leave for Ukraine. Many of them are associated with franceinfo.

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“I never set foot there”Recognizes the explicitly unknown maxima “Absolutely not” Ukraine. The 29-year-old, who lives in Somme, only mentions a grandmother who was born in Ukraine. “To me, they are a brave people.” He has no military training, but much worse if he has simple hunting experience. “I learned to use weapons early on”He says.

“The goal is not to shoot everywhere from hot. The goal is not to do anything and knock down everything that moves.”

Maximum, 29 years

at franceinfo

Maxim planned to go to Krakow, Poland by bus or hitchhiking on Friday. He saw other competitors on social media. He arranges himself with them “Do not get lost alone”. “I do not speak the language, so it’s complicated but I speak English. I think we can deal with it but we will see.” Equipment has also been upgraded. “I come with simple military equipment: a plate carrier, a bulletproof vest and rangers. On the other hand, I have no weapon, but we do not cross the border with weapons.”

Essacq Baloutch, 73, wants to prepare himself when he crosses the border. ‚ÄúPresident Macron will give me what I love so much Weapons for the Ukrainians. Then the Ukrainian army will give us weapons.Confirms this Franco-Afghan who fought with the Red Army in Afghanistan in 1980. He now wants to help the Ukrainian opposition and says that in a few days he will have gathered about twenty people from the Dijon area where he lives for this departure. “These are young people in their 30s, 45s or 47s. They are doctors, engineers, municipal police officers, pediatricians.”He lists.

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There will be travel in their personal cars. “We have seventeen and twenty-four hours on the road.” Essacq Baloutch calls for public mobilization. “I do not know He urges all French people who want to come with me to hurry, so we can fight with our Ukrainian brothers soon. “ If he promises to inform the government of his plan to leave, the French authorities will be pleased to remind him that Ukraine is a war zone, a red classified area, and therefore no displacement. “Not properly recommended”.