May 27, 2024

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Vladimir Putin increases pressure on Ukraine, the West split

Explanation – American and European leaders are struggling to cover up their differences.

Reporter in Berlin

The closer the sound of the cannon, the more the fever hits the western camp, which is more than ever intended for an individual: Vladimir Putin. This weekend, Ukraine And its American and European sponsors have raised their voices in the face of the Kremlin, not hiding their contradiction in the strategy of facing the threat. “We can not always provide an olive branch, because Russia is conducting missile tests and concentrating troops on the border with Ukraine.” The head of the European Council said on Sunday, Charles MichaelAt the Munich Security Conference.

This excellent annual diplomatic forum dedicated to the Atlantic Overseas Dialogue was marked by references to the Cold War in its edition. For the first time since 1999, the demonstration was ignored by Moscow, fearing it would become a platform. “Anti-Russian”. The health bubble, collected at the Bayerischer Hof Hotel in Munich, lived up to the rhythm of military advances 2000 kilometers east. The front-line OSCE surveillance mission, which separates Ukraine from two regions controlled by pro-Russian separatists, counts nearly 1,600 ceasefire violations over the weekend, for which both parties are responsible. Berlin and Paris have urged their compatriots to leave Ukraine. Russia “Europe is preparing for the biggest war since 1945” Announced by the British Prime Minister. Boris Johnson. His forces “Ready for strike”, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin confirmed.

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The U.S. warning may have had an impact on the Kremlin’s actions early last week, which were not to the liking of Europeans and less so than to Ukraine. Relying on their own sources, the latter refrained from predicting the worst situation, they say, again and again, would be detrimental to the morale of the Ukrainian people and economy. “In crisis situations, the worst thing is to try to guess or guess” German Foreign Minister Annalina Berbach warned. “If you are told every day that war is going to happen the next day, the collapse of the currency and the flight of trade circles”, The President of Ukraine was annoyed Volodymyr ZhelenskyWho says “To trust (one’s) own sources”.

“True indifference”

At the same time, diplomatic exchanges continue, especially in between Emmanuel MacronOffice of the President of the European Union and Vladimir Putin. On Sunday, both leaders agreed “To activate the search for diplomatic channels” Among the representatives of the “Normandy form”, according to the Kremlin, this form of negotiation as a result of the Minsk agreements (2015), and bringing Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France together, currently dominates Russia’s difficult negotiations. / NATO. Beijing, an ally of Moscow, also supports the process. President Olaf Scholes is pleased to preside over his Ukrainian delegation to draft legislation that will pave the way for compromise, especially regarding the future of the two self-proclaimed separatist republics. Of Donbosin. But public opinion in Ukraine is skeptical about the talks. Moscow accuses Kiev of wanting to “Torpedo”.

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In Munich, he condemned Westerners’ delay in dealing with Ukrainian President Vladimir Putin and the possibility of his country joining the European Union. NATO. Volodymyr Zelensky blamed them “Complex indifference”, In front of it “Crimes” The Kremlin has already promised and now calls on them to use sanctions against Moscow. “It’s time to dump her and move on.” As Russia and Belarus announced on Sunday that they would continue their joint military maneuvers in Belarus, north of the Ukrainian border, diplomatic leader Dmitro Kulepa was added.

These will be the penalties “Quick, tough and cohesive”, Again and again, US Vice President Kamala Harris came to Munich to reassure her administration of the support of European allies. Nonetheless, Berlin seems reluctant to strike hard at Moscow, which, in Washington, casts doubt on the determination shown by the German ally. They continue to focus on the North Stream II gas pipeline project, which will supply Russian gas to Germany. “The Cold War experience has taught us that rigorous dialogue concessions and clear common ground are the best way to success.”, Sum up Figaro Christoph Hussain, future president of the Munich Conference. Obviously, not all of the ingredients.