May 18, 2024

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Vladimir Putin orders FSB to 'punish' pro-Russian Ukraine militias

Vladimir Putin orders FSB to 'punish' pro-Russian Ukraine militias

Vladimir Putin ordered the FSB, the Russian security services “to punish” Pro-Kyiv Russian militias have launched attacks in areas bordering Ukraine, inviting them“Trash” And “traitors”, Tuesday 19 March. “Let us not forget who they are, identify them by name, and punish them indescribably wherever they are.”, warned the Russian president in a speech to officers of the FSB, the powerful security service that controls the country's borders. Follow our live stream.

The Russian military says it has captured the village of Orlivka, a new advance in the east of the country. The seizure comes at a time when the Ukrainian military is short of men and ammunition due to the lack of US aid. The Russian Ministry of Defense notes that it has too “Improved his positions” The area, northwest of the city of Avdiivka, was captured by Moscow in February.

The US Defense Secretary has assured that the US will not abandon Ukraine. The announcement comes despite US aid being blocked in Congress Because of the reluctance of Republican elected officials to support former President Donald Trump. “We are committed to providing Ukraine with all the resources it needs to resist Russian aggression.” Lloyd Austin announced in front of the press.

Russia plans to evacuate 9,000 children from Ukraine border. “We are evacuating a large number of villages, and now we plan to evacuate about 9,000 children due to shelling by the armed forces of Ukraine.” said the governor of Russia's Belgorod region. He further pointed out that 16 people were killed and 98 injured in one week in the region, which has been the target of increased attacks since March 12.

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