June 23, 2024

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Volcanic eruption in La Palma: A drone manages to capture the interior of the abyss, with exceptional images of the volcano as if you were there

Although experts predict earthquakes larger than the ones recorded for 6 weeks, a drone was able to reach the abyss.

When Compre Viza Volcano Will he stop growling? When this is scary Explosion Will it stop destroying the island? Palm ? One thing is for sure, there is no end to hostility tomorrow on this island in this archipelago Canary Islands (Spain) Almost 6 weeks were severely affected by the disaster. We still wonder how any death should not be mourned in the midst of the evicted 2,000 houses and 900 hectares of land. To do.

Expected earthquakes

And while experts believe a recession, TheSince last weekend the activity of the volcano has resumed with revenge, come in Volcanic eruptions, eruptions and earthquakes. This is the last point that experts are most concerned about. In fact, 200 earthquakes occur daily on the island of La Palma. The most important of these was the 4.9 Richter “Flash”. Forecasters now believe that big earthquakes are coming.

Meanwhile, the volcano is still spewing fire. With a wonderful Volcanic fountain Reached a height of 600 meters In the last 48 hours.

This Friday, the American TV channel ABC Released stunning images of the interior of the abyss filmed by the drone. The Compre Viza Volcano As you were.

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