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Points Licensing Removal: “Eric Zemorin’s Friends” Petition Why Your Data Is Troubled

The support of Eric Zemor has been increasing the number of communication activities over the weeks in preparation for his potential campaign. The latest? Petition seeking revocation of point permit. The so-called “friends of Eric Zemmer” attempt is somewhat complicated in the use of data collected by the site for a number of reasons.

He is not yet a candidate Eric Jemmoor Has dominated the media arena for several weeks. In order to meet Victor Orban in Hungary, on his tour to sign his book, the Defendant, who was invited on television sets, multiplies communication activities aimed at possible propaganda. A The victory of the electorate This is also played (especially?) On Tax.

This Wednesday, October 27, he did Removal of point license One of his campaign beliefs. “Let’s stop this organized fraud of the French! You too are signing to revoke the point permit,” he shared on Twitter, thus reviewing his new plan in the RTL- Le Figaro – LCI’s Grand Jury package last Sunday. .

A Petition For a number of reasons, the data collection strategy is not trivial.

Nation Builder: CMS, the star of political campaigns

First, the site is run The creator of the nation. This CMS (Content Management System in English) is a platform for managing and managing a website because there may be dozens of them. With the only difference being the builder of the nation Reference tool “Military empowerment” refers to numeroma An article from 2016.

Simply put, the tool allows both Create a website quickly But Manage the collected data In order to install one Portrait Accurate Of the web user. This is the case You can share your email address with Facebook to create a link between your account on social networks and the site database.

In Firefox, an alert tells the user that their email address will be shared with Facebook.

Another strong point of the nation builder: communication. Once the data is collected the tool can, Communicate with Internet users. “Here are all the ways to revitalize activists and get the community’s attention. There, all the ways are good: SMS bombing His flock, throw Automatic tweets Or leave Voice messages In the mailbox of all your voters, ”Numerama said.

However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

If you ask Samuel Lafont, the digital director of Eric Zemor’s campaign, why he doesn’t use such sites To execute this petition, he explains that he “has the ability to do them internally on his own. We have control over everything, we are not going to use an external tool”, without ever going on. In question.

Violations in data collection

Users are asked to enter their name, first name, email address and zip code until Friday, October 29, No details on subsequent use Of the collected data.

Estelle de Marco, Director of the Montpellier Company Inthemis, Special Compatibility For the general regulation to protect personal data, it tells us that this is a problem.

“Use of this information as part of a campaign indicates that it has received specific approval from Internet users”, Not so here.

Certainly, data collected before adding the “Yes, I would like to get information” box on the site cannot be used. “It simply came to our notice then Violation To GDPR “the expert recalled.

By registering on the site this Thursday, October 28th, we really have At the same time The email came, a Practice contrary to general rules In the protection of personal data, it was followed by a journalist on Twitter.

“Only persons who have agreed before being canvassed electronically can receive political communication electronic messages.”

The signing of the petition generates an email sent by Z’s friends and is recorded in the subscription list.

– Vincent Happiness (vincentglad) October 27, 2021

Is from the site Brought to harmony by adding a box Consent.

Registration module, before and after its compliance.

Registration module, before and after its compliance.
Free afternoon

Not according to the legal framework

But the lack of approval is not the only problem fitted by Estelle de Marco.

“We get when it comes to the site Illegal cookie. We do not have accurate and complete information about the purpose and data collected, which will collect more than the limit set by CNIL.

Another problem, The site will hold the data for three years instead of the 25 months requested by CNIL. This is a new crime.

The expert further points out Data protection policy Of the site, according to her “not enough”.

“A block summarizes the provisions of the law without specifying what or how it is respected in this case. We have the address of the DPO (Data Protection Officer) but no other mandatory information. ) So there is also a breach of the obligation of fidelity and transparency, ”he explains.

Dozens of similar sites

As reported BFMTV, Nearby 44 domain names have been purchased by the association And some did not respect the legal provisions imposed by CNIL.

Samuel Lafont ensures, for his part, that the collected e – mail addresses will be used to “make headlines and position as many presidential candidates as possible in favor of revoking the point permit”.

A common practice in political relations. For years, candidates have been browsing social media and generating petitions with the sole aim of collecting data.

The campaign was clearly announced

However, once the petition is signed, the internet user will immediately come to the page calling him Participate financially in the Zemmour campaign.

“To go to the second round, it has to be the second sum (10 million euros). That’s what Eric Gemmer wants. […] You have to support his candidacy and now generously donate, “We can read.

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