June 23, 2024

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Volcanic eruption in La Palma – interesting pictures of the evolution of the island’s landscape since the beginning of the eruption

Twenty-seven days after the eruption, the activity of La Palma volcano in the Canaries (Spain) does not weaken.

The new eruption mouth opened southeast of the main cone this Friday afternoon Volcano. It emits ash and pyroclasts, according to the Canary Islands Volcano Research Institute (Involcan).

A new fuel center Ash and Pyroclastics has launched southeast of Maine / New annoying speed gases and gases in the southwest. pic.twitter.com/5wicMl94IB

– INVOLCAN (@involcan) October 15, 2021

If this is part of the origin of the mouth “Normal Process” Within that “Complex Explosion Process”, Step VanguardThis is a testament to the volcanic eruption of September 19.

Almost a month later, the landscape Palm Has changed significantly. Before / after pictures posted on Twitter by Canary Island-based photographer and mentor Abhiான்ான்n San Gill, and published by the Geography Institute of Madrid.

The ash covered the mountains, buried the trees there, and gave the landscape a lunar aspect.

According to the latest figures, volcanic eruptions have already destroyed nearly 700 hectares of land and buried 1,548 buildings, while more than 7,000 residents had to be evacuated.

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