June 24, 2024

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What was known about the murder of the Conservative MP was stabbed during the parliamentary session

This is the second assassination of a British MP in five years. David Ames, a Conservative member of the House of Commons, was stabbed to death in his constituency of Lee-on-Sea (UK) on Friday, October 15. The suspect was immediately arrested on the spot. Francinefo summarizes what we know about this case.

David Ames died without the benefit of emergency treatment

David Ames, 69, was stabbed several times in a Methodist church, where he received his members during parliamentary duty in Lee-on-Se, 60 km east of London. According to local police, the facts took place later in the afternoon. “He was given emergency treatment, but unfortunately died on the spot.”, She clarified.

Police have confirmed the arrest of a 25-year-old man. They insisted they were not looking “No one else” He said a knife was found there after the arrest.

The Anti-Terrorist Services were in charge of the investigation

The motive for the attack is still unknown to police on Friday evening, October 15. Investigation “Led by Anti-Terrorism Department officials” And “It is up to the investigators to decide whether this is a terrorist act or not.”Essex Police Chief Ben-Julian Harrington told a news conference.

Even Home Minister Priti Patel “He called on all police forces to reconsider their position on the security arrangements for the delegates. He met with representatives of the police and security and intelligence agencies, as well as the Speaker of the House. The latter announced a review “In the days to come” Security measures for Members of Parliament.

The victim is an elected conservative, an animal welfare defender

Born in 1952 in the eastern suburbs of London and from a humble background, David Ames studied economics and politics. Before coming to politics he was first a teacher and then a recruitment consultant. According to several MPs who have worked with him, he is very “Dedication to his family” And his wife Julia, who worked as an assistant with him. Together they had five children.

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The first MP to be elected in 1983, David Ames was a member of the Tory party and a staunch supporter of Brexit. Defender (In English). Despite his long parliamentary experience, he has never been a minister and has not been exposed to the media in the slightest. She was very Catholic and strongly opposed abortion. He was also in favor of re-enforcing the death penalty. However, his most favorite topic in parliament is animal welfare. He was one of the few conservative MPs to support a ban on fox poaching.

In a book published in November 2020, David Ames referred to the murder of Joe Cox in 2016. A week before the referendum on Brexit, MEP was killed on the street by a new Nazi sympathizer. The Conservative, in its book, claims that the worker was killed “In the most barbaric way”, Related Defender. “We all make our block available to people and regularly meet people with mental health issues. It can happen to any of us.”, Written by David Ames.

The political class greets the elected official “with a big heart.”

Several members of the political class paid tribute to David Ames on Friday, October 15th. “After the death of (…) MP Davis Ames, who was killed after nearly 40 years of service, our hearts are deeply saddened today.” Its components and the UK, Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a short televised intervention. This “A tragic day for our democracy”, Former head of government, Conservative Theresa May, filled in a tweet.

On Twitter, Justice Minister Dominic Robb praised “Big Mind” Selected and his “Great openness, including with those he disagrees with.”. Former Conservative Health Minister Matt Hankok said it was David Ames “Guide” When he entered Parliament, he too joined “Always selfless and everyone has time” “He was a good and gentle man, he showed kindness and compassion to all”, Housing Minister Michael Cove explained.

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“He was highly respected by MPs and staff. In his nearly four decades he has built a reputation for compassion and generosity.”Speaker of the House of Commons Lindsay Hoy responded in a statement. Flags were flown at half-mast on Fridays in memory of the Prime Minister at his home in Westminster and Downing Street.

A tribute was paid to David Ames on Friday evening, in the presence of a hundred people, at the church in Lee-an-See. Flowers were placed near its parliamentary office.

A service in memory of David Ames will be held on October 15, 2021 at a church in Lee-on-See, UK (Tolka Akmen / AFP)