May 27, 2024

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The Omigron variant was first detected in Reunion, France

A positive case Variation Omicron du Corona virus Identified on Reunion Island, on Tuesday, November 30, announced the researcher (PIMT) of the Joint Research Division of the Infectious Process in the Tropical Island Environment. This is the first positive case identified in France.

Patient who tested positive “53 year old man”, Who traveled to Mozambique and “Suspended in South Africa” Before coming to Reunion, microbiologist Patrick Mavingui told Airwaves in Reunion la1ère (France Televisions Group). Isolated and his entourage, “Man suffers from muscle pain and fatigue”, Said the scientist.

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La Pimit mobilized “Hurry” Sunday night, “For Sequence of Six Tests”, Said the microbiologist. The other five models are negative. Local and national health officials were immediately notified, Mavingui said.

At Europe 1 on Tuesday morning, government spokesman Gabriel Attle clarified that there were six positive patients with the Omigran variant. Contact people at risk In his entourage. In addition, test results of other suspected cases are awaited. “In the next few hours”.

“Too high” risk of spreading

The news came as the health ministry announced on Sunday “Reunion and overseas areas of the Mayotte are particularly closely monitored, whether they are in direct or indirect contact. [les sept] Pays Flights from South Africa have been suspended since Friday. On Sunday, Health Minister Oliver Warren announced that there were eight cases “Possibility” Carriers of the Omigron variant were found in France.

There is a new Omicron variant of the corona virus “Too high risk” Worldwide, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Monday. “Considering the mutations that can give rise to the immune response and the mutations that can give an advantage in terms of contagion, Omigron is more likely to spread globally.”, According to the WHO document.

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It was first announced a week before the WHO in South Africa, and this new strain has since been identified via Canada, from the Pacific to Europe, leading to the announcement of travel restrictions by about 40 countries.

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