February 27, 2024

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Donald Trump urges silence ahead of federal investigation

Donald Trump urges silence ahead of federal investigation

The US special counsel for Donald Trump asked a judge on Friday (15 September) to limit the former president’s free speech ahead of his federal trial for trying to sway the outcome of the 2020 election. The Department of Justice, the people of Washington, and the person in charge of the case, Tanya Sudkan, may disrupt the smooth course of justice.

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“So I am campaigning to be president (…) Am I not allowed to express myself? They leak [des informations], lying, stalking, don’t want me to talk? »Donald Trump was quick to respond on his Truth Community site.

Words of the former president “The jury can have a significant impact on the population from which it is selected [du procès] At the same time influencing the testimony of witnesses”, according to the case. Mr. Anyone reading or listening to Trump’s statements “reasonably apprehensive that the accused may be the next target of attack”Adds Jack Smith to court docket.

The threats are real

Donald Trump’s trial in this case is scheduled to begin on March 4, 2024. “Super Tuesday”One of the most important elections in the Republican primaries, for which he was favored.

Until then, the billionaire Republican must refrain from making any defamatory or threatening statements against anyone named or who may be named in the lawsuit, and absolutely not make any statements about future witnesses. Smith likes.

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Donald Trump also accused Judge Tanya Sudkhan “to hate” And called the attorney’s office“Gun Squad”. However, according to this same group, these ideas turned out to be very real threats “It is clear that these threats are motivated by the words of the accused”.

In mid-August, a woman was arrested in Texas for making death threats against Mme Mr. Sutgen asked Donald Trump to limit his comments before the hearing. Smith has yet to respond to a request.

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