June 21, 2024

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A suspect who has converted to Islam and is intensified will undergo a psychiatric examination

On revelations, Thursday, October 14th, Five were killed and three were injuredThe day before, a form had begun to form in Kongsberg, a country of 25,000 people in southwestern Norway. In the afternoon, the head of the Norwegian intelligence service (politicians Sikerheadstgeneste, BST), Hans Sverre Szovol, assumed no There is no doubt that this attack was an act of terrorism , The investigation should specify the motives of the killer.

Danish citizen Espen Anderson Pradhan, 37, grew up in Norway and spent most of his adult life in Kansberg. The man, who converted to Islam, was pursued, according to regional police chief Ole Frederip Sovereign. “Fears associated with radicalization”. Also known as intelligence services “Know” The suspect, without specifying what information or specific actions were taken to the BST.

At around 6:13 pm on Wednesday, Kansberg police were alerted to the sight of a man armed with a bow and arrows, shooting passers-by near a supermarket and causing panic. Thirty-four minutes later the suspect was arrested. According to police, he was wearing “Other weapons”, In addition to the bow, he killed in the homes of several victims. They are four women and one man in their 50s and 70s.

In the Norwegian media, a childhood friend of his said he had contacted the police in 2017. Espen Anderson Breten posted two videos on Facebook – one in English and the other in Norway. He introduced himself with his shaved head looking at the camera “An Ambassador”, Carrier“A warning”. “For all those who want to catch up, the time has come”Before concluding, he announced: “Witness that I am a Muslim”.

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“Severe mental illness”

His friend described him “The bomb is going to explode” And he promised “Help needed, but not available”. The family said the relative was NRK “Severe mental illness”, And since it was adolescence, it has been “Greatly affected the lives of his relatives”. Unemployed, Espen Anderson lived alone in an apartment in Pradhan Kansberg “Going back and forth to the hospital”Mr. According to Szovol.

In 2012, he was sentenced to sixty days suspended imprisonment for breaking into a museum and stealing there. He was convicted of possession and use of drugs. In July 2020, the court banned him from accessing his parents for six months for threatening to kill his father. On Thursday, attorney Ann Iran Swan Mathiyasan said she would undergo a psychiatric examination to see if she could be held accountable for her actions.

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