May 24, 2024

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A woman lost in the jungle survived five days on lollipops and alcohol

A woman lost in the jungle survived five days on lollipops and alcohol

A 48-year-old woman survived five days stuck in her car in the Australian bush without sweets or alcohol.

Survive with the means at hand. The Authorities of the state of Victoria in Australia A 48-year-old woman missing for five days in the Australian bush has been found alive, it was announced on Friday.

In the video posted on the police’s social media, we see a frail woman in the middle of the forest. And for good reason: during these five days, the only food she ate was lollipops and wine from a car stuck in the mud of a dirt road sixty kilometers from the first city.

“Due to her condition, she couldn’t even attempt to walk for help, so she stayed in her car.” Wodonga Police Station Sergeant Martin Torby said.

The sergeant later added: ‘She used her common sense to stay in her car and not get lost in the bush, which helped police find her.’

“Saved” by a bottle of wine

Ironically, Lilian, a 48-year-old woman, does not normally drink alcohol. “Lilian – the only liquid she didn’t drink – was a bottle of wine she bought her mother as a present to help her survive,” said Martin Torby.

The bottle was a lifesaver, as were some treats, in this case lollipops, with her. “After being missing in the bush for five days, she was very relieved and grateful to see us and we were happy to see her,” said the local police chief.

This story echoes that of Elvis Fran├žois last January. This 47-year-old Dominican survived 24 days at sea… by eating ketchup.

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