July 21, 2024

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Why Israel is already considering a fourth level

Why Israel is already considering a fourth level

Israel is “very afraid” of the spread of Omigran among vulnerable people and the damage this variation could cause.

“I was ordered to prepare immediately for the fourth vaccination”, Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett said Tuesday. As the country struggles to control the spread of the Omigran variant, he declared that all Israelis and medical professionals over the age of 60 are eligible for a fourth dose of the Kovit-19 vaccine after consultation with a panel of experts. .

All is “not yet recorded, it will be in a few days, in a few weeks” Cyril Cohen, director of the Immunotherapy Laboratory at the University of Bar-Ilan, said on our website. But Omigron faced the dilemma, saying, “Thanks to this possible fourth dose, it was decided to offer this opportunity to those who are too weak to defend themselves.”

“Minimal” decrease in immunity compared to the second dose

This fourth dose was launched in Israel because, through Omicron, he declares, “we are very much afraid that such a variation will be unleashed in nursing homes, in the most vulnerable groups.”

The third dose is currently being distributed in France and around the world, so will it be effective in a few weeks?

“Any dose is limited in time,” Cyril Cohen insists.

With the third dose, the immune system is reduced to “the three, four months we see today. [après l’injection, ndlr], But much less than what we saw with the second dose, “he says.

The campaign for the third dose “could not”

Page Third Dose, he explains that the campaign “could not, there are still a million Israelis” who did not receive the booster dose, especially people between the ages of 12 and 40.

“But for those over 50/60, we have an 80/90% booster vaccine.”

When asked about the outcome of these infections and the continuous doses for the future, Cyril Cohen responded that, according to him, the solution would be “as well as natural exposure, natural immunity and the protection of intensive forms thanks to the vaccine. That is what we think.”