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Afghan women are increasingly threatened by the Taliban

Marcox Ben
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8:15 am, September 05, 2021

In Kabul, a small group of women demonstrated for their rights on Saturday before the Taliban threatened these activists. Another example is the violence inflicted on Afghan women in a country that has fallen into the hands of Islamists.


“It’s like a slow death. They want to wipe us out of the country.” Like some other brave women, Tahmina, 32, is a feminist activist Afghan, The Taliban took to the streets of Kabul on Saturday to demand respect for his rights. “One of them approached me with a terrifying expression and told me to go home,” she says over the microphone in Europe. “” He also told me that my veil was not appropriate.

Many Afghan women risk their lives

A young woman was injured when militants attacked again. Since Kabul fell into their hands three weeks ago, Women can no longer work. Many, like Nabila Monawari, risk their lives. The judge was intimidated by the Taliban and forced to relocate with her husband and their two children every three days.

“The Taliban have released all prisoners from prison,” he warns. “Some were imprisoned for violence with their wives. I helped them with their divorce proceedings. Now these men are free and their wives are in great danger.”

When The Taliban government will be notified in the coming daysMillions of women in Afghanistan are at risk of becoming uninhabitable.