June 23, 2024

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In Cuba, police thwarted a protest rally

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Monday, November 15, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. “Failed operation” Of the United States condemning a maneuver “Silence” Opponents.

On social media, some Cubans posted photos of themselves in white as instructed, but the planned large demonstration did not take place. There were numerous police officers in uniform and civilian clothes on the streets of the capital, Havana.

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Washington condemns Havana maneuvers

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez mocked “Failed operation” The United States wants to destabilize Cuba through this demonstration for the release of political prisoners. “Apparently some of my colleagues in Washington dressed casually for their party which did not take place.”, Teased in a video posted on Facebook.

The White House reacted by condemning the Cuban government’s maneuvers “Silence” Peaceful protesters, including those arrested in Havana and six provinces that were about to meet.

“In the run-up to the peaceful protests planned today, the Cuban government has resorted to imprisonment, sporadic arrests and intimidation. (…) In an attempt to silence the voice of the Cuban people, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan lamented. “US pledges support for Cuban efforts to promote democratic change”, He continued, calling on the Cuban government not to use force against the opposition.

“Campaign against Cuba”

The call for protest coincided with the reopening of students to tourism and the return of students to school after being closed for several months due to the Govt-19 epidemic. The president, Miguel Diaz-Connell, who attended the start of the school year at an institution in western Havana, denounced the day before a wish. “Internal Order Disorder” And a “Media campaign against Cuba”.

Authorities opposed the protest with all available police forces, special services and the army, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.

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On Monday, several dissident leaders were arrested, including Manuel Giusta Morua, deputy chairman of the Council for Democratic Change. Berta Soler, leader of the Ladies in White movement, and her husband, former political prisoner Angel Moya, were also arrested. Carolina Barrero, an art historian and activist, has been detained for two hundred days for refusing to leave her home, according to the Dissident Movement 27N, of which she is a member. Another opposition figure, Guillermo Farinas, has been in custody since Friday.

Several dissidents, protest promoters and independent journalists said their homes had been blocked by police. Many of them said they had been subjected to acts of rejection – these gatherings of residents had been used to curse dissidents for decades – or their internet connection had been cut off.

The economic crisis

“If today they do not allow me to go out, I will do it tomorrow, more determined and determined.”, Chile Gonzalez promised on Twitter that she would call for demonstrations in Santa Clara (in the middle) but could not leave her home.

Jr. Garcia, 39, the founder of Archipiélago and a leading playwright of the new generation of dissidents inspired by the rise of social networks, was prevented from leaving his home on Monday by plainclothes agents, a journalist with Agency France-Press reported. The previous day, His plan to demonstrate alone with a white rose in hand was stopped In the presence of police around his building.

The call for the protest came four months after spontaneous and historic protests on July 11, in which one person was killed and dozens injured. Of the 1,270 people arrested, 658 are still in prison, according to the NGO Cubalex, Cuban Independent Media, which faces up to 30 years in prison.

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The country is facing the worst economic crisis in thirty years, with food and medicine shortages. Social discontent is growing and the conflict between government defenders and critics is at its peak.

On Monday, France asked the Cuban government “Guarantee the right of the Cuban people to protest peacefully”. The previous day, US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen had invited him “Let them unite peacefully to respect the rights of Cubans.”. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lpez Obrador expressed his appreciation“Arrogance” From Cuba, country “Free and independent”.

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