May 27, 2024

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Algeria closes its airspace for Moroccan civilian and military aircraft

Algeria has already severed diplomatic ties with Morocco, accusing it of “hostile actions” after months of tensions.

Algeria decides to close on Wednesday, September 22 “ImmediatelyFrom its airspace to all Moroccan civil and military aircraft and aircraft registered in Morocco, the President announced. “The High Security Council (HCS) has decided to immediately close airspace for all civilian and military aircraft registered in Morocco.“, According to the official statement.

The decision was announced at the end of the HCS meeting, chaired by President Abdelmadjit Deboun and dedicated to reviewing the situation on the Moroccan border. The decision has been made to close the airspace. “Taking into account the continuity of provocations and hostile practices in Morocco“On August 24, Algeria severed diplomatic relations with Morocco.

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Bad war

Algerian Foreign Minister Ramdn Lamamra later criticized Rabat.It has never stopped taking hostile actions against Algeria. ⁇Moroccan security services and campaign are waging a vicious war against Algeria, its people and its leadersHe charged.

Traditionally difficult, relations between Algeria and its Moroccan neighbors have suffered a recent deterioration, especially due to the thorny issue of the Western Sahara. Normalization of diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel – in exchange for US recognition “Sovereignty“Tensions with Morocco-Algeria in the region have escalated, supporting the Palestinian cause.”Foreign workersAimed at disrupting her.

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Diplomatic relations between the two countries were first severed on March 7, 1976, when Rashad ended his relationship with Algiers.