June 13, 2024

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Green light for Pfizer’s 3rd dose for Americans over 65 or “at risk”

8:23 a.m .: Music is as contagious as viruses

The spread of blockbuster headlines seems to be subject to the same laws of infectious diseases as Govt-19.

“Popular songs are often described as viral, and they can affect people. Perhaps this interpretation is more relevant than you think. In fact, the download curves for many of the popular songs tested in this study are like infections over time.”

8:03 a.m .: Vaccine duty destroys Mulhouse Hospital

For the third time in eighteen months, the Malhouse and South Alsace Regional Hospital team has unveiled its white plan. The shortage of staff has increased as the vaccine duty comes into effect this time. Other companies in the industry are in a state of tension. In this article we explain.

7:30 am: Cases begin to escalate again in Moscow

A few weeks after the deadly wave caused by the Delta variation in the Russian capital, Moscow City Hall is facing a further increase in lawsuits.

6:26 am: Which are the most vaccinated countries in the world?

More than six billion Govt-19s have been vaccinated worldwide. However, the vaccine is very unequal: the majority of people in developed countries are vaccinated, but campaigns have not started in poor countries, especially in Africa. Find our menu in this article.

6:03 a.m .: Pfizer’s third dose approved for people 65 and over or “at risk” in the United States

The U.S. pharmaceutical company has announced that the third dose of Pfizer’s anti – govt vaccine has been injected since the age of 65, and that the United States has approved those at “risk”.

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The booster dose can be administered up to six months after the second injection. Before the age of 65, those eligible for this booster dose are at “high risk” of developing a severe form of the disease, as well as “frequent exposure” putting the virus at a “high risk” level. Serious complications are associated with the disease, according to a press release issued by the FDA.

5:50 a.m .: Health pass still maintained in France

The government announced on Tuesday that the health pass is currently being maintained in all French sectors despite the low level of “day-to-day confirmed” epidemics. Hospital pressure continues to decline, with 8,594 people admitted to the hospital for Covit-19, almost a quarter lower than since the beginning of September.

The obligation to wear a mask in elementary school will be removed from October 4 in the least affected areas. On Tuesday, 41 out of 101 departments were below this warning range.

5:48 am: She made twenty fake health passes: 19-year-old girl convicted

The young woman, who was employed on the Bordeaux vaccine, admitted to participating in the counterfeiting of 24 fake health passes for the benefit of 16 people. She received a suspended sentence.

5:47 a.m .: No, vaccination will not be discontinued in October in support of treatment

These are the most widely circulated publications on social media: Vaccination is now ineffective, treatment against Govt-19 is expected in October … As a result the vaccine was discontinued. But it’s all wrong.

5:45 a.m .: Hello everyone and welcome to this live stream dedicated to news about the Covit-19 epidemic in France and around the world.

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