July 22, 2024

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Biden says it is “inevitable” that the country will fall to the Taliban after the US withdraws

Biden says it is “inevitable” that the country will fall to the Taliban after the US withdraws

The US president also announced that the withdrawal of troops would end on August 31.

US President Joe Biden announces withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan on Thursday, July 8Completed August 31st“The Taliban are determined to take over the country.”Not inevitable.

Democrats point to American presence “Reached their goalsIn the country, i.e. fighting the terrorist threat. “This is not inevitableHe was responding to a question about the Taliban’s possible victory, which could escalate military strikes in the country.AbilityOf Ensure Continuity of Government.

Asked if his own intelligence had predicted the downfall of the Afghan government, Biden said bluntly, “This is not true. «It is very unlikely that there will be a single government in Afghanistan that will control the entire countryHowever, he said. Joe Biden pledges US support for AfghansProceedDespite the withdrawal of troops, it was already 90% complete.

The United States did not intervene in Afghanistan twenty years ago. “To create a nationHe said it wasResponsibilityFrom the Afghans. “I will not send another generation of Americans to fight in Afghanistan», He scored. “We are ending America’s longest war, but we have always valued the courage of those who served there.

18,000 Afghan translators, drivers or subcontractors waiting

The president also spoke directly to US military interpreters, who say they risk retaliation for aiding foreign forces: “You have a placeIn the United States, he promised them. About 18,000 Afghans, interpreters, drivers or contractors are waiting to see if they can immigrate to the United States. Usually, these files take years to process.

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Fighting between Taliban and Afghan forces in northwestern Afghanistan erupted for the second day in a row on Thursday, where the Taliban have been conducting their first offensive against a provincial capital since the latest phase of the withdrawal of US troops.