June 13, 2024

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The third dose of the vaccine to boost immunity? What scientists say

This additional injection, at this time, is intended only for the elderly and fragile, and is at risk of developing severe forms of Covit-19.

Third dose soon? With the third injection against Govit-19, the possibility of vaccination, especially for the weaker population, has been mentioned several times in recent months. The hypothesis was raised again this Thursday by Prime Minister Jean Costex.

“Most vulnerable people who are vaccinated first will undoubtedly (…) need a third dose because the immune system is weakened”, he said. He made the announcement before the Congress of French Cities.

“A Reminder for the Elderly”

This is not the first. The Directorate of Health already had an opinion dated April 6th, “Proper injection of the third dose of the vaccine for people with severe immunodeficiency” and it is recommended “4 weeks after the second dose, or sooner than those who have already exceeded this time”. “The third dose of the vaccine is essential for people with severe immunodeficiency,” it says In the document of May 6, D.G.S..

As Moderna’s boss has already suggested, it is now a question of extending this third injection not only to those at risk, but also to Pfizer to a wider population. “One plausible hypothesis is that a third dose will be necessary between six and twelve months, from where there will be a vaccine again every year, but all of this needs to be confirmed,” Pfizer CEO Albert Burrell pointed out in mid-April.

“We are going to have two injections with the moderna vaccine. When we have a third injection after six months, we will have antibodies that will rise very significantly,” he explained on PFMTV at the end of May. “They will run against the initial strain and against the variants”.

“When you’re 90 or 95, your immune system responds poorly.” Health Minister Oliver Warren explained the French information at the end of June. “That’s why we plan to make a third booster, a booster for the elderly in nursing homes. Maybe they’ll have to do this to boost their immunity,” he said, adding that the opportunity was “a precursor to the elderly only for the moment.”

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“We have no data”

“We are still in the process of thinking, we do not have the data,” he said. The vaccine was announced to Alain Fischer The world, In an interview published this Thursday. “Research is ongoing. For those who do not have three or four doses, double doses … or antibodies, the prophylactic injection of monoclonal antibodies. All of these are being tested,” he explained.

“The bottom line of my thinking is that when you are a certain age, in your 60s or 70s, it takes a third dose to stimulate a weakened immune system,” said Jean, chairman of the Scientific Council – at the end of June France Inter. However, he emphasized that “there is no conclusive scientific information on this.”

According to A study published by the University of Oxford at the end of June With regard to the astrogenic vaccine, the second dose causes a “significant increase” in antibodies injected over a period of six months and a “sharp increase” in the immune response against Covit-19.

Theresa Lambe, the lead author of the study, explained that “it is not clear whether booster injection is needed because of decreased immunity or whether to increase immunity against variants of anxiety.” However, he explains that research shows that the third dose of the vaccine is “well tolerated and greatly enhances the antibody response. This is very encouraging news if we find that a third dose is needed.”

Salom Vinson PFMTV Reporter