May 21, 2024

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Cards. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

No ban, but “A word of caution”, When the summer holidays begin. “Avoid Spain and Portugal”, Recommended “Those who have not yet booked a vacation” Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clement Beyonc விரு, guest of “4 Voritas” France 2, Thursday, July 8. The government is concerned The rapid spread of the delta variant and in Europe, especially on the Iberian Peninsula, has already been severely affected by the Govit-19 epidemic. “It is better to stay in France or go to other countries”, Clement Peon insisted.

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How does the health situation develop in the countries of the old continent? Based on the data collected by the site, Francinfo catches the infection Our world in data*, Which brings together a team of researchers affiliated with the University of British Oxford.

Countries with increasing numbers of contaminants

Three European countries are now facing a clear epidemic: Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom overseeing Edward Mathieu, data manager for our World in Database.The boom is very clear, it lasted for several weeks and it starts to show Admission to the hospital “, although these are very little thanks to the vaccine. He insists on franceinfo. Other countries such as Greece, the Netherlands and Denmark follow suit. “They experienced a strong decline in June and are resuming rapid growth,” he said. The scientist mentions.

Spain. Since the end of June, the daily number of Govt-19 infections has been skyrocketing on the other side of the Pyrenees. As of June 25, there were an average of 3,574 new cases daily (over seven days) in the country. That number was 12,719 new infections on Wednesday. From June 30 to July 7, our global data show that new infections increased by 147.82% in one day, showing that the number of cases per million people doubled in six days. There are an average of 272 new cases per million people in Spain, and 41 cases in France. Recent data from European Center for Disease Control and Prevention* (ECDC), however, the number of new hospital admissions is still low in early July.

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Portugal. The curve of new daily cases began to rise slightly again in May, but the trend has increased significantly since mid-June. On Wednesday, the country was identified A sliding average 2,352 new pollutants in 24 hours, up from 1,604 a week ago and 773 on June 15. Thus, they increased by 46.6% from June 30 to July 7 (a level similar to the French trend) and the number of cases per million population is now 231. In hospital admissions, a small regression has been developing since June due to the curve of new hospital admissions, as well as the aggression rate of intensive care units.ECTC*.

United Kingdom. This is the first country in Europe to face an epidemic linked to the delta variant. Across the channel, authorities are registering an average of 401 new cases per million people each day, almost doubling in eleven days, which underscores Edward Mathew. New daily infections have increased by 43% in the last seven days, reaching an average of 27,238 cases. Data from the Health Institute Public Health UK* Show the real tremor of those admitted to the hospital, even though their number is very low compared to pollution: on July 4 (the date of the latest data available), there were 456 new admissions in British hospitals, 261 seven days earlier.

Greece. Country records behind Luxembourg (+ 300%), the largest European variant in terms of new Govt-19 infections: From June 30 to July 7, the number of new cases increased by 183.37%. Greece reported an average of 366 daily cases on June 27, the lowest since October. It was 1,214 on Wednesday. There are an average of 117 new cases per million people in the country, which equates to half of the last epidemic, says Edward Mathew.

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Netherlands. 173.65% increase in one week: New pollution cases have emerged in the Netherlands from June 30 to July 7. The country, which has gone from an average of 601 to 1,645 cases a day, now has 96 cases per one million people.

Countries where the increase in infections is measured

Italy. Our data shows that an average of 14 new cases are registered per day per million people in our Italian neighboring countries. Like many countries, the increase is there, but it is still measurable: from June 30 to July 7 they increased by 29.72%. The country recorded an average of 829 new infections in 24 hours on Wednesday for seven days. The country knows “A comeback is beginning, but it’s very smooth”, Summarizes Edward Mathew.

Germany. Across the Rhine, health officials register an average of seven new cases a day per million people. An increase of 15.83% is seen for a week. New cases are still at an all-time low: the number reported on Wednesday was 623 infections in 24 hours, an average of seven days. To Edward Mathew, “In Germany, we are in a position to mark a recovery.”.

Croatia. A small increase in pollution is emerging in Croatia, with new daily infections increasing by an average of 7.19% from June 30 to July 7. There are now 21 new cases per million people in the country.

Austria. With an average of 85 new infections on Wednesday, the virus circulation in Austria is very low. The lowest increase was from June 30 to July 7 (+ 5.11%). There are nine cases per one million people in the country.

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These different countries can now be found “At some point in the confirmation, but we don’t know if it will last.”, Underlined Our Global Data Data Manager. “It will start to increase with them too. ”

Countries where the number of new cases continues to decline

Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Balkans show a sharp drop in new daily cases over the past seven days. From June 30 to July 7, new pollutants dropped by 77.68% in 24 hours, reaching a sliding average of less than ten new cases on Wednesday. Bosnia and Herzegovina now has a case for one million people.

Hungary. The country recorded from June 30 to July 7, one of the biggest drops in the number of new daily Govt-19 infections. In one week, these are already very low (an average of 50 cases on June 30), down 40.61%. There were 30 new daily cases falling in Hungary on Wednesday, with three cases per one million people.

Poland. New daily pollution decreased by 17.92% from June 30 to July 7. The country on Wednesday recorded an average of 84 new daily cases and two cases per one million people.

Norway. There are 33 cases per one million people in the country. But the average daily new pollution is down 8.31% in a week (196, June 30, 179.71 against Wednesday).

Eastern Europe and the Balkans are concentrated in many countries where the Govt-19 epidemic continues to decline. As these passages remind us of Edward Matthew, “In another cycle” Since observed In Western Europe. They are currently experiencing a further decline in pollution because they are “Had strong peaks in April and May”.

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