May 18, 2024

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C டிte d’Ivoire announces “great discovery” of oil and natural gas

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The Ivory Coast, A moderate manufacturer of hydrocarbons, announced on Wednesday 1stThere is September The “Key Discovery” Oil and natural gas from its shores during a study by the Italian hydrocarbon company Eni.

“A major discovery of oil in the sedimentary bed of C dte d’Ivoire is being carried out in the deep waters of the Italian company CI-101, in association with the national company Petrocy Holdings., Ivorian Minister of Mines and Petroleum Thomas Camara said in a statement. The reserves discovered are related to crude oil and the associated natural gas. “

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“The potential could be estimated at about 1.5 to 2 billion barrels of crude oil on the one hand, and about 1,800 to 2,400 billion cubic feet of related gas on the other.”, Mr. Camara noted “An important discovery that will greatly increase C டிte d’Ivoire’s proven reserves and its oil and gas production in the years to come.”.

Mainly sea drilling wells

C டிte d’Ivoire signed agreements in 2019 with Italian Eni and French Total to explore four oil blocks related to the $ 185 million investment.

Oil production in C டிte d’Ivoire increased by 12% in 2019 to 36,000 barrels a day, mainly from drilling wells off the coast of Ghana.

Cote d’Ivoire, a moderate manufacturer, revised its petroleum code in 2015 to attract new investors, thanks to product sharing agreements. Of the 4 in production, 26 and 21 in the study are still free or there are 51 identified sectors in the country under negotiation.

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In 2014, the French team noted Total a “The most promising result” About his research in the deepest waters of Ivory Coast. In addition to Total and Eni, many international companies, especially British Tallow Oil, have announced significant discoveries in recent years.

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