July 24, 2024

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Chaim Bloom and the Red Sox reject Chris Sale’s tempting trade offer in 2022 – NBC Sports Boston

Chaim Bloom and the Red Sox reject Chris Sale’s tempting trade offer in 2022 – NBC Sports Boston

Chaim Blum’s death may have been a result of his movements He didn’t do that During his tenure, he served as president of baseball for the Boston Red Sox.

One striking example, According to WEEI’s Rob Bradford, occurred at the 2022 MLB trade deadline. Bradford reported that Bloom and Co. They had the opportunity to send oft-injured star Chris Sale to a team that was willing to take on all the money left on his contract, but the Red Sox front office wouldn’t budge.

“According to a major league source familiar with the situation, just before the 2022 trade deadline — and just weeks after Chris Sale broke his finger in his second game of the season — the team reached out to Bloom about left tackle,” Bradford wrote. . “The acquiring club agreed to take all of the remaining money on Sale’s contract (two-and-a-half seasons worth over $50 million), while sending some semblance of players. The Red Sox wanted better players than what was offered and a deal was not reached.” Finished.”

Just a few weeks later, Sale broke his wrist in a bicycle accident and was forced to miss the rest of the 2022 season. Through 17 starts in 2023 (86.2 innings), the 34-year-old has a 4.88 ERA and 1.20 WHIP. He missed time over the summer due to left shoulder inflammation.

The decision to keep Sale and his contract with the Albatross — who was signed by former Red Sox president Dave Dombrowski in 2019 — was a huge mistake. Injuries have plagued Saleh since the 2019 season. He made just 11 regular season starts from 2020-22, and barely looked like he did when he was healthy enough to take the mound.

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Bradford also points out that Bloom’s inactivity at the 2023 trade deadline could have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“According to sources, trades for Alex Verdugo going to the Astros or Yankees were discussed but never completed,” Bradford reported. “James Paxton’s asking price continued the trend of asking far more than even desperate teams could afford. No semblance of help was secured, leaving the Red Sox in an immediate tough spot as the Blue Jays were swept in a pivotal early August showdown with Blue Jays.”

Bloom made some solid moves during his four seasons in Boston, but his continued reluctance to pull the trigger on a blockbuster movie appears to have played a significant role in the owner’s decision to move on. Now, it’s up to John Henry to decide which of the available candidates is best suited to build a club that can restore its reputation as a perennial postseason contender.