May 18, 2024

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Charlene of Monaco: Princess is “stable” in South Africa after falling ill and hospitalized

Charlene of Monaco, who was admitted to an emergency hospital in South Africa due to ill health, is in a “stable” condition, her foundation said Friday. According to Monaco’s husband Albert, the princess, who missed her twins’ return, is expected to return to rock soon, an unrest that thwarts planned plans.

Charlene, originally from Monaco, was originally from South Africa and was admitted Wednesday evening under a pseudonym to a hospital in KwaZulu-Natal (East) Durban. She went out on Friday morning.

Princess Charlene of Monaco was rushed to the hospital by ambulance from midnight on Wednesday to Thursday, where she collapsed in May due to ear infections, nose and throat problems, the foundation said in a statement.

“The princess’ medical team is currently examining her, but has confirmed that the princess is stable,” the South Africa-based organization added.

Charlene, originally from Monaco, had been in the country for several months and was officially recovering from an infection.

She was due to undergo surgery last month, some details of which have been made public. Prince Albert and their children came to join her when she was healed. Recovering from it, a few days later he shared a series of photos showing a small face.

“She worked very hard,” Chandel Whitstock, director of the foundation, told AFP.

Prince Albert was hoping to return

International press people have recently revived speculation about the divorce or separation of the princess couple, triggered by the princess’ long absence from the rock. The couple could not celebrate their ten-year marriage in July due to the absence of the princess.

Wise about splitting the princess until further notice, Prince Albert recently expressed confidence in the American magazine People and wanted to remain optimistic. Leaving the rumors aside, he even imagined his wife returning soon. Although the October date was mentioned, Albert of Monaco was optimistic, after meeting the doctors who cared for Charlene during her last stay in South Africa.

“She’s ready to go home,” he explained to our co-workers. I know she may have said, “By the end of October,” but this was before the last round of dates.

Medical advice takes precedence

The former swimmer, who has been stranded in South Africa since March, appears to be ready to do anything to return to leadership and join her permanently, according to her husband, due to an ENT infection that prevents her from flying. The children she has only seen on rare occasions in recent months.

“She jokingly said she was ready to sail on a ship illegally to return to Europe,” the Lord explained. “It all depends on what his doctors say,” said Albert of Monaco. Income that is strictly conditional on medical advice, even after this recent illness.

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