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Three weeks after the Taliban came to power, the first flights and humanitarian aid began

Almost a week later Airlift set up at Kabul AirportDiplomatic networks, which have allowed the deportation of 123,000 Afghans and foreigners, continue to work to help refugees in Afghanistan.

  • UN convenes meeting on humanitarian aid

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced on Friday (September 3) that he would hold a meeting of member states in Geneva on September 13 to increase humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.

At this conference, the UN “Funds increase rapidly so that life-saving humanitarian operations can continue”, Spokesman Stephen Dujarric said in a statement.

The United Nations on Thursday re-announced its humanitarian flights to northern and southern Afghanistan “Humanitarian Disaster” The future. According to the UN, about 18 million people are already in dire straits in the country, and that number will soon double.

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  • Qatar is working to reopen Kabul airport

Qatar, which has become the Taliban’s privileged spokesman, was the first foreign country to land a plane at Kabul’s airport in Darshala after the departure of the last senior U.S. officials on Wednesday. Doha It works on reopening ” soon “Qatar confirmed diplomacy. “We hope that the humanitarian sidewalks will open in the next twenty-four or forty-eight hours to allow humanitarian assistance to enter through Kabul Airport and other operating airports.”, Foreign Minister’s Special Envoy Mutlaq al-Qahtani told Al Jazeera television in Afghanistan. The Emirate on Thursday pledged to work hard to restart the technical operations of the airport infrastructure.

  • The United Arab Emirates sent a humanitarian plane

For their part, the United Arab Emirates plans to ship a plane“Emergency Medical and Dietary Assistance” In Afghanistan, without mentioning any part. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates, “This is the first humanitarian aircraft [émirati] Recent Events in Afghanistan “.

Abu Dhabi's Prince Mohammed Ben Saeed visits families expelled from Afghanistan on September 1, 2021.

Emirati help, purpose “Thousands of families” Afghans, “The United Arab Emirates fraternity is part of the humanitarian role in providing full support to the people of Afghanistan.”For its part, the official news agency WAM quoted an official statement. Emirates welcomes their territory “Thousands of Afghan families (…) Temporarily “ And reassure them “A decent life”, Confirms this message.

  • Resumes domestic flights

After almost three weeks The Taliban captured Afghanistan, Haryana Afghan Airlines, Afghanistan’s leading airline, announced the resumption of its domestic flights on Friday, September 3rd.

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“We have received a green light from the Taliban and aviation authorities, and we plan to restart flights today.”, Tamim Ahmadi, announced as executive of the National Company. Haryana has a very small fleet of frequently wrecked aircraft and is banned from flying in the United States and the European Union.

British soldiers boarded a flight to depart Afghanistan on August 28, 2021.
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  • The US Secretary of State will soon be in Qatar

Anthony Blinkan announced on Friday that he would leave for Qatar early next week after the US diplomats in charge of Afghanistan withdrew. It is in this emirate that the important discussions of the international community with the Taliban take place.

The Secretary of State will use his visit to express his opinion “Deep thanks” For the Qatari leaders, the Taliban will retaliate as the main base for the expulsion of foreigners from Afghanistan and Afghanistan. Deportation of Americans and Afghans “In danger” Washington has always been a priority on the site.

Anthony Blingen did not say whether he would speak privately in Doha with representatives of the new Islamic Masters in Kabul. But America maintains “Contact Channels” With the Taliban, there will be a secretary of state who wants a new government that is still pending “Representative of different communities and different interests in Afghanistan”. But the “Actions” And this “Policies” This will be the government of the future “Important” More than its structure, he warned.

He is going to Germany for a meeting of ministers of twenty countries in Afghanistan.

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The European Union wants to maintain its presence in Kabul

Unlike the United States, the European Union (EU) has decided to maintain a European presence in Kabul. “Security conditions allow it”, Confirmed by Joseph Borel, Head of Diplomacy of the European Union.

“We have decided to coordinate our contacts with the Taliban, including in Kabul.”, He told reporters after a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Slovenia. The goal is to continue to expel people who want to leave Afghanistan, he said.

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The European Union wants to cooperate with Afghanistan’s neighbors. Twenty-seven people pledged their support at the reception during a meeting of their home ministers on Tuesday. Refugees fleeing the Taliban. The union wants to avoid the influx of immigrants into its soil. Pakistan and Iran hold the largest gathering of Afghan refugees.

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