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CNN reporter Clarissa Ward testified that she was able to enter the enclave without IDF supervision.

CNN reporter Clarissa Ward testified that she was able to enter the enclave without IDF supervision.

CNN Gaza: CNN reporter Clarissa Ward testified that she was able to enter the enclave without IDF supervision.


Gaza: CNN reporter Clarissa Ward testified that she was able to enter the enclave without IDF supervision.

GAZA – Watch the horror, report the unspeakable. Chief International Correspondent of cnn, Clarissa Ward was able to enter the Gaza Strip unsupervised by the Israeli military, while the territory was still under shelling from IDF attacks. For the first time since the start of the war.

Indeed, since October 7, the Erez crossing between Israel and Gaza has been closed, denying entry to journalists. It is the Israeli military that authorizes or prohibits reporters from entering the enclave. Also, if given the green light, this should be done under their supervision. Clarissa Ward managed to avoid this strict protocol and this Thursday, December 14, revealed the confusion she observed on the site.

In his report, the reporter explains that he and his team benefited from a “very privileged position”. “ We felt relatively safe and we were only on the ground for a few hours. »she adds.

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The horrors of modern warfare »

A few hours are enough to get an overview of the dire state of the Gaza Strip and its citizens. Regarding material damage, “I can honestly say we’ve never seen anything of this scale. »She believes.

Buildings were swept away, streets destroyed, strewn with debris and surrounded by standing water from recent rains, Clarissa Ward recalled ” The horrors of modern warfare “.

Despite the heavy bombardment, people wander out like zombies – perhaps trying to think about their lives, perhaps with nothing else to do. », recounts the journalist at CNN. Then comes the visit to the Emirates Field Hospital.

“Even our surgeon was shocked”

It is difficult to control one’s emotion in the face of hospital beds occupied by badly injured, traumatized young children and mutilated and dismembered adults. The reporter talks to a little girl, completely stuck in a cast. “They bombed the house in front of us and then our house. I was sitting next to grandpa, grandpa was holding me, uncle took us out to see if he was fine. »The little girl, next to her mother, cries.

In CNN reportsAfter passing the entrance to the hospital, the sound of air raids can be heard nearby. “This is real life”, simply reacting to al-Naqbi, the hospital’s medical director. He explains that this happens at least 20 strikes a day. “I think we’re used to it. »He adds.

Later, he describes receiving a patient ” The head wound and the maggots came out with the wound.” We cannot explain what kind of environment they are [les patients, ndlr] Exposed, and I can’t explain medically how dirty the situation was. Even our surgeon was shocked. »

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“The world is not listening to us”Condemned a 20-year-old patient with a leg amputation. “No one cares about us, we have been dying for more than 60 days because of the bombings, and no one is doing anything. »

At least 63 journalists have been killed since October 7

France expressed its opinion “Heavy Pricing Concerns” The conflict between Israel and Hamas involved paid journalists and continued to emphasize its efforts to expel journalists working with the AFP from the Gaza Strip.

At least 63 journalists and media workers — 56 Palestinians, 4 Israelis and three Lebanese — have died since October 7, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). About forty journalists who work with AFP and their supporters hope to leave the Gaza Strip.

“We maintain our efforts regarding AFP staff”Christophe Lemoine, deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, announced at a press conference, recalling that. “A complex operation”.

“We have been working since October for the withdrawal of French residents and their beneficiaries from the Gaza Strip, and have ensured the withdrawal of Palestinian agents from the French establishment in Gaza.”He recalled that Paris had already allowed a total of 154 people to leave.

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