February 27, 2024

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The Milei government is baring its teeth in the face of “total disorganization”.

The Milei government is baring its teeth in the face of “total disorganization”.

Already in this position under the leadership of the liberal Mauricio Macri (2015-2019), Defense Minister Patricia Bulrich announced measures and future legislation to prevent “cuts, pickets, roadblocks” in peace”. Argentina, and especially Greater Buenos Aires, each year with cuts to transport routes hundreds of thousands A scene of demonstrations, and in specific provinces, according to Patricia Bulrich “Daily”.

Henceforth, he announced, all federal forces could intervene in demonstrations blocking traffic, and not just the police, provincial or capital. “The force used will be the minimum necessary but proportionate to the resistance,” he added, adding that “the bill for this device will be passed on to the companies or individuals responsible. The government will not pay for the use of security forces.”

“Warning” and “First Street Test”

Patricia Bullrich also confirmed that the ban would apply to parents bringing children or teenagers to demonstrations. “Anyone who uses children as shields has serious consequences.” Milei’s government announced a series of austerity measures on Tuesday, including a 50% shock devaluation of the peso and cuts to transport and energy subsidies starting in January. The measures, coupled with inflation already at 160% in a year, will severely hurt Argentina’s purchasing power.

Miley acknowledged that the situation will “get worse in the short term” before the accounts and the economy improve. Unions and social organizations have already warned that the working world “will not stand idly by” in the face of “exploding purchasing power”. Pollo Obrero, an important far-left social movement, denounced Patricia Bulrich’s “plan of aggression against the people”.

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Vice President Victoria Villaruel, for her part, called on unions to be “vigilant”, warning against “a degree of aggression or social conflict”, while the measures of the “four-day government” have now been announced. And for some it still doesn’t work.